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Social Expression in the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria: Longitudinal Outcomes from a Novel Gender Expression Care Program

This study will measure the intermediate-term effectiveness of Gender Expression Care (GEC), and the variability in the components driving overall program effectiveness, among individuals who participate in the GEC workshop. Our hypothesis is that participation in GEC will be associated with improved confidence in social gender expression and quality of life. We anticipate that we will observe variability in effectiveness of the various GEC components, identifying opportunities for enhancing the overall effectiveness of the GEC program.
We will also conduct a qualitative study of 30 members who have completed the GEC program. We anticipate that focus group participants will provide nuanced information based on their lived experience to support correction of deficits and expansion of program strengths to improve outcomes for future GEC participants.

Investigator: Avins, Andrew

Funder: TPMG Delivery Science Projects Program

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