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Transitioning Pediatric Patients with ASD to Adult Care

This study includes the following aims: 1) Investigate prevalence of medical and psychiatric co-morbidities and rate of service and medication utilization among transition-age (15-25 years) patients with ASD in KPNC; 2) Determine barriers and facilitators of smooth transitions from pediatric to adult care; and 3) Develop and test tools and healthcare delivery processes to improve transitions from pediatric to adult care. Based on information collected in open-ended interviews and other appropriate modes, and on observations, we will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of clinical providers, patients and caregivers to develop tools and resources and health care delivery processes that support a smooth transition from pediatric to adult care. The study is co-funded by Special Hope Foundation and Autism Speaks.

Investigator: Croen, Lisa

Funder: Autism Speaks

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