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Use of Digital Information Technologies and Health Information Resources by Limited English Proficient Latino and Chinese Adult Members

goal of this research is to learn about use of digital information
technologies (DIT) and the website and patient portal, preferred
modalities for receiving health information and advice, and social
determinants of DIT use and health information preferences by members by
limited English proficient (LEP) Spanish and Chinese patients. Study data
will be collected using anonymous self-administered questionnaires
distributed and collected by line staff in dedicated La Salud and Chinese
modules in several Kaiser Permanente Northern California medical facilities.
We will also compare use of the patient portal during a 12-month period prior
to the survey by LEP Spanish and Chinese speakers who receive care in
dedicated bilingual modules vs. at-large modules to evaluate generalizability
of survey results.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Garfield Memorial Fund

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