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Video Consultation to Increase Integration of Primary Care and Addiction Medicine and Improve Alcohol-Related Health Outcomes

KPNC has been a leader in implementing alcohol SBIRT as part of routine primary care with its Alcohol as a Vital Sign initiative, which involves medical assistants (MAs) screening all patients in Adult Medicine and Family Practice for alcohol problems, and primary care providers (PCPs) delivering brief advice to patients who screen positive. However, brief primary-care interventions have been less successful at addressing the needs of patients with more severe alcohol problems. For this pilot study, we will utilize existing technologies to develop and pilot the use of KPNC secure video consultations by Addiction Medicine clinicians with patients and physicians in primary care. The team has already formed strong working relationships with key stakeholders in KPNC Primary Care, Addiction Medicine, and Information Technology.

Investigator: Sterling, Stacy

Funder: Garfield Memorial Fund

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