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Women’s Multi-Ethnic Health and Lifestyle Survey

We propose to survey White, Black, Latina, Filipina, Chinese, South Asian, Vietnamese, and Japanese women aged 35-79 to characterize and compare these racial/ethnic groups on behaviors and risks related to 7 lifestyle medicine domains (diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management, tobacco avoidance, limited alcohol use, positive social connections) and 1 mental health domain (feelings of depression and anxiety). We will also collect data about potential facilitators and barriers to having a healthy lifestyle, including socioeconomic factors (education, income), social risks (financial strain, psychosocial stressors, experienced discrimination/harassment, social support), familiarity with and interest in plant-based diets, and beliefs about the extent to which different lifestyle practices can improve health and longevity. Survey data will be linked with EHR data to describe subgroups of women who already have prediabetes and selected chronic conditions.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

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