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Associations between antidepressant use patterns during pregnancy and birth outcomes among periconception antidepressant users

Little is known about antidepressant medication use patterns during pregnancy among periconception (before and immediately following conception) users. Additionally, the associations between these patterns and birth outcomes is unclear, after taking into account underlying depression severity. This study describes patterns…

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Evaluating Implementation and Outcomes of the Achieving Depression and Anxiety Patient-Centered Treatment Collaborative Care Program in a Large, Integrated Health Care System: A Mixed Methods Observational Study Protocol

Background Collaborative care is an evidence-based multidisciplinary model shown to improve patient depression and anxiety outcomes. Although there is robust literature showing the effectiveness of collaborative care on depression and anxiety symptoms, there is little published on outcomes of collaborative…

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Teen suicidal thoughts and behaviors during pandemic vary by gender, diagnosis

The number of teens being seen at Kaiser Permanente Northern California emergency departments (ED) for suicidal thoughts and behaviors did not increase significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, though specific groups of teens may have sought care at higher rates during late 2020. The findings were reported Sept. 1 in JAMA Psychiatry.
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Comparison of eating disorder characteristics and depression comorbidity in adolescent males and females: An observational study

Depression comorbid with eating disorders is common and can worsen the severity of both disorders. Little is published regarding depression and eating disorders in male adolescents. This retrospective observational study compared eating disorder presentation and depression comorbidity between medically-hospitalized male…

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A Novel Experiential Quality Improvement Training Program During Residency Improves Quality Improvement Confidence and Knowledge: a Prospective Cohort Study

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) mandates resident quality improvement (QI) training to improve patient safety, cost control, and efficiency. Thus, understanding this topic is crucial for early career physicians. This manuscript describes an enhanced, experiential QI curriculum…

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Adverse Childhood Experiences Run Deep: Toxic Early Life Stress, Telomeres, and Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number, the Biological Markers of Cumulative Stress

This manuscript reviews recent evidence supporting the utility of telomeres and mitochondrial DNA copy number (mtDNAcn) in detecting the biological impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and outlines mechanisms that may mediate the connection between early stress and poor physical…

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