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Engagement in perinatal depression treatment: a qualitative study of barriers across and within racial/ethnic groups

To better understand previously observed racial/ethnic disparities in perinatal depression treatment rates we examined care engagement factors across and within race/ethnicity. Obstetric patients and women's health clinician experts from a large healthcare system participated in this qualitative study. We conducted focus…

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mHealth Mindfulness Intervention for Women with Moderate-to-Moderately-Severe Antenatal Depressive Symptoms: a Pilot Study Within an Integrated Health Care System

Traditional mindfulness-based interventions have been shown to reduce depression symptoms in pregnant women, although in-person classes may pose significant accessibility barriers, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mobile technology offers greater convenience, but little is known regarding the efficacy of self-paced,…

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Pilot pragmatic randomized trial of mHealth mindfulness-based intervention for advanced cancer patients and their informal caregivers

Assess the feasibility of conducting a cluster randomized trial (RCT) comparing technology-delivered mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) programs against a waitlist control arm targeting advanced cancer patients and their informal caregivers. Two-arm cluster RCT within Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC). We recruited…

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A Randomized Controlled Trial of mHealth Mindfulness Intervention for Cancer Patients and Informal Cancer Caregivers: A Feasibility Study Within an Integrated Health Care Delivery System

To assess feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a mobile/online-based (mHealth) mindfulness intervention for cancer patients and their caregivers to reduce distress and improve quality of life (QoL). Two-arm randomized controlled trial within Kaiser Permanente Northern California targeting cancer patients who…

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Associations Between Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy Hyperglycemia and Timing of Pubertal Onset in Adolescent Girls: A Population-Based Study

Early puberty is associated with adverse health outcomes. We investigated whether in utero exposure to maternal obesity is associated with daughters' pubertal timing using 15,267 racially/ethnically diverse Kaiser Permanente Northern California members aged 6-11 years with pediatrician-assessed Tanner staging (2003-2017).…

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Race, ethnicity, sex and temporal differences in Barrett’s oesophagus diagnosis: a large community-based study, 1994-2006

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the demographics and incidence of Barrett's oesophagus diagnosis using community-based data. DESIGN: Observational study. SETTING: Kaiser Permanente, Northern California healthcare membership, 1994-2006. PATIENTS: Members with an electronic diagnosis of Barrett's oesophagus. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Incidence and prevalence…

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