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Sujan, Ayesha

Ayesha Sujan, PhD, is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research specializing in maternal mental health…

Chehab, Rana

Research interests include maternal and child health and health across the life course.

Mitro, Susanna

Research interests include women’s cardiometabolic health and environmental chemical exposures.

Peterson, Alicia

Research interests include perinatal epidemiology and health disparities.

Badon, Sylvia

Research interests include perinatal epidemiology, specializing in maternal lifestyle during pregnancy.

Brown, Susan

Research interests include behavioral interventions for weight management, physical activity, and dietary change.

Zhu, Yeyi

Interests include developmental origins of childhood obesity and fetal growth

Kubo, Ai

Research interests focus on lifestyle factors and risks of chronic diseases.

Kuzniewicz, Michael W

Research interests include perinatal health services research and perinatal clinical epidemiology

Li, De-Kun

Research interests include pregnancy outcomes and sudden infant death syndrome.

Lieu, Tracy A.

Research interest include child health services research; effectiveness and delivery of primary care; and decision sciences, including decision analysis

Avalos, Lyndsay

Interests include reproductive and perinatal epidemiology and perinatal depression.

Croen, Lisa A.

Research interests include the epidemiology of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Ehrlich, Samantha F.

Research interests include epidemiology of gestational diabetes, diabetes and obesity prevention exercise and women's health

Ferrara, Assiamira

Research interests include the epidemiology of diabetes and gestational diabetes.

SEED Follow-Up Study

SEED is a case-control study comparing children aged 2-5 years with autism spectrum disorder to children with other developmental disabilities.…

COVID-19 Response Grant

Adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities may be especially impacted by the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has led to drastic…

Childhood Seizures After Phototherapy

: media-1vid110.1542/5804915133001PEDS-VA_2018-0648Video Abstract BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In a recent Danish study, researchers found an increased risk of childhood epilepsy after…

Pathogenesis of Gestational Diabetes

To investigate the etiology for gestational diabetes mellitus and adverse birth outcomes using pathway-driven biomarkers and metabolites in the NICHD…

California CADDRE-SEED Phase II

The goal of this project is to continue the SEED study, a case-control study of genetic and environmental risk factors…