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Ragavan, Meera V.

Research interests around access barriers to high-quality cancer care.

Wong, Melisa

Research interests focus on improving the care of older adults with cancer.

Arasu, Vignesh

Research interests include breast cancer, risk-based screening, and artificial intelligence and computer vision deep learning.

Presti, Joseph

Research interests include refining strategies for prostate cancer screening and detection of high-risk tumors.
Head shot of Ai Kubo in aqua green shirt.

Kubo, Ai

Research interests focus on lifestyle factors and risks of chronic diseases.

Kwan, Marilyn L.

Research interests include epidemiology of breast cancer prognosis.

Habel, Laurel A.

Research interests include the etiology and progression of cancer.

Chawla, Neetu

Research interests include cancer care delivery, management, and communications.
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