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Ragavan, Meera V.

Research interests around access barriers to high-quality cancer care.

Wong, Melisa

Research interests focus on improving the care of older adults with cancer.

Ergas, Isaac

Research interests include cancer and nutritional epidemiology and cancer survival.

Friedman, Gary

Research interests include the epidemiology of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Arasu, Vignesh

Research interests include breast cancer, risk-based screening, and artificial intelligence and computer vision deep learning.

Li, Dan

Research interests include screening and prevention of gastrointestinal cancers, with a special emphasis on colorectal and gastric cancer.

Presti, Joseph

Research interests include refining strategies for prostate cancer screening and detection of high-risk tumors.

Kwan, Marilyn L.

Research interests include epidemiology of breast cancer prognosis.

Asgari, Maryam M.

Research interests include prevention and treatment of skin cancer.

Caan, Bette J.

Research interests include dietary and anthropometric risk factors for cancer and cancer survival.

Chawla, Neetu

Research interests include cancer care delivery, management, and communications.

NRG Oncology NCORP Research Base

This is a non-inferiority trial design comparing colorectal cancer incidence in trial participants with 1-2 non-advanced adenomas randomized to recommendation…

Pharmaceuticals and Cancer

This study continues surveillance of more than 200 of the most commonly prescribed drugs for carcinogenicity, and examines selected drug-cancer…

WHI Cancer Survivor Cohort

The primary goal of this research project is to create an infrastructure within WHI to build a resource for the…

Dietary fat and cancer

Based on current epidemiologic knowledge, public health recommendations to decrease total fat intake for the prevention of cancer appear largely…

Drugs and colon cancer

In a case-control study of colon cancer conducted in three geographic regions of the United States, 1993 case subjects and…

Barbiturates and lung cancer in humans

In a hypothesis-generating study looking for possible carcinogenic effects of drugs in humans, each of three barbiturates (pentobarbital sodium, phenobarbital,…

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