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Sterling, Stacy

Research interests include addiction treatment and mental health services, adolescent behavioral health, and implementation science.

Zhu, Yeyi

Interests include developmental origins of childhood obesity and fetal growth

Kuzniewicz, Michael W

Research interests include perinatal health services research and perinatal clinical epidemiology

Lieu, Tracy A.

Research interest include child health services research; effectiveness and delivery of primary care; and decision sciences, including decision analysis

Croen, Lisa A.

Research interests include the epidemiology of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Childhood Seizures After Phototherapy

: media-1vid110.1542/5804915133001PEDS-VA_2018-0648Video Abstract BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In a recent Danish study, researchers found an increased risk of childhood epilepsy after…

California Emerging Infections Program

The goal of this project is to determine the age-specific rates of laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalization among children, and to describe…

On the twin risk in autism

Autism is considered by many to be the most strongly genetically influenced multifactorial childhood psychiatric disorder. In the absence of…

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