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Acute Emergency Care and Outcomes for Stroke, Myocardial Infarction, and Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kaiser Permanente Northern California: Implications for Care Delivery During COVID-19 Recovery Phase and Future Surges

The decreased trend in patients seeking care for acute stroke, acute MI, and acute surgical presentations during the COVID-19 pandemic is concerning for potential long-term morbidity, mortality, rehabilitation costs, and preventable downstream health care utilization. We aim to assess the…

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Mental Health Research Network III

The Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) is a consortium of 13 health system research centers, embedded in large and diverse healthcare systems, dedicated to improving patient mental health through research, practice, and policy; with expertise in mental health research as…

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Sepsis on FHIR

Overall goal is to define and refine the current epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and treatment practices in respiratory failure in late and moderately preterm infants. Specific aims are to determine that incidence and epidemiology of respiratory failure in neonates born 32-36…

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Comparison of msp genotyping and a 24 SNP molecular assay for differentiating Plasmodium falciparum recrudescence from reinfection

Current World Health Organization guidelines for conducting anti-malarial drug efficacy clinical trials recommend genotyping Plasmodium falciparum genes msp1 and msp2 to distinguish recrudescence from reinfection. A more recently developed potential alternative to this method is a molecular genotyping assay based…

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Identifying Barriers and Practical Solutions to Conducting Site-Based Research in North America: Exploring Acute Heart Failure Trials As a Case Study.

Although the prognosis of ambulatory heart failure (HF) has improved dramatically there have been few advances in the management of acute HF (AHF). Despite regional differences in patient characteristics, background therapy, and event rates, AHF clinical trial enrollment has transitioned…

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A comprehensive, longitudinal description of the in-hospital and post-discharge clinical, laboratory, and neurohormonal course of patients with heart failure who die or are re-hospitalized within 90 days: analysis from the EVEREST trial.

Hospitalization for worsening chronic heart failure results in high post-discharge mortality, morbidity, and cost. However, thorough characterization, soon after discharge of patients with early post-discharge events has not been previously performed. The objectives of this study were to describe the…

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