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Vaccine Study Center


About Us

​​​The Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center helps ensure that the nation's vaccines are safe and effective by conducting research to advance scientific understanding of vaccines at all levels of development.

  • We study the safety and effectiveness of vaccines that the pharmaceutical industry is seeking to license. 
  • We partner with government agencies to monitor the safety and effectiveness of vaccines after they have been licensed.
  • We examine the epidemiological factors important to developing and distributing new vaccines.
  • We monitor influenza and other respiratory viruses and flu vaccine effectiveness.

Founded in 1985, the Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center utilizes the potential of Kaiser Permanente's large member population for vaccine efficacy and safety studies. Key studies have focused on Haemophilus influenza; pneumococcus; MMR (measles, mumps, rubella); chickenpox; rotavirus; and flu vaccines.

In collaboration with Kaiser Permanente's Division of Research, we coordinate clinical trials of new vaccines at our medical facilities in Northern California. Our studies of new vaccines have led to licensing of vaccines to prevent diseases caused by Haemophilus influenza, pneumococcus, chickenpox, meningitis and flu.