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To contact the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research please use the form below.


Medical or Health Care Questions

To talk with a Kaiser Permanente advice nurse or doctor, or to schedule an appointment, call the 24/7 Appointment and Advice line: (866) 454-8855 or go to The Division of Research is NOT a medical facility, and we cannot respond to personal health or medical questions.

Research Scientists

Go to Research Scientists to find contact information for individual researchers at the Division of Research.

Research Collaboration

If you are a researcher outside of Kaiser Permanente and are interested in collaborating with a Kaiser Permanente investigator on a research grant, please visit the Research Collaboration Portal.

Clinician Research

If you are a Kaiser Permanente clinician (including physicians, nurses, residents, and staff) requiring assistance with a research study, please visit our Virtual Research Office.

Clinical Trials and Study Participation

To learn more about participating in research studies and clinical trials, please visit KPStudySearch.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries about Division of Research scientists and studies, please see For Journalists.

Job Opportunities

If you are interested in job opportunities with Kaiser Permanente or the Division of Research, visit Kaiser Permanente Careers.

Human Resources

If you are a current or former employee and need assistance with human resources at the Division of Research, please contact Ayanna Jones .

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