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Our research scientists conducts studies on the primary prevention of cancer, screening and early detection, diagnosis and treatment, surveillance, cancer care delivery, survivorship, and outcomes. These studies include a wide range of cancer types: bladder, blood, breast, cervical, colorectal, esophageal, lung, melanoma, uterine, and childhood cancers.

Our investigators have major leadership roles in large collaborative efforts supported by the National Cancer Institute and other funding agencies, including the Cancer Research Network (CRN), Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), the national PROSPR study to improve cancer screening effectiveness, a PCORI-funded Clinical Data Research Networks, and a PCORI PLACER clinical trial.

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Cancer Screening, Etiology, and Prevention

Our investigators undertake studies that can rapidly translate into improvements in the health care of our members and the community at large.

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Cancer Care Delivery

Because our research scientists are embedded in an integrated health care system, they are able to conduct a wide range of studies in the field of cancer care delivery.

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Cancer Treatment, Outcomes, and Survivorship

Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health care system and electronic medical records make it possible for our researchers to conduct large prospective and retrospective research studies and clinical trials.

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Cancer Genomics

Our researchers are finding answers to the many questions about how normal cells become cancer cells by studying cancer genomes as well as the genomes of people with and without cancer.

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Research published by Cancer investigators.

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