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Media Contacts

Interviews at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research

Reporters interested in arranging background conversations, phone, and on-site interviews with any Division of Research scientist or staff member first must contact the Communications Department:

Jon R. Weiner

Issues Management
Leadership Communications

(510) 891-3425

(510) 851-3196 (cell)

Jan Greene

Infectious Diseases/Vaccines
Mental and Behavioral Health
Predictive Analytics/Telehealth
Women’s and Children’s Health

(510) 891-3653

(510) 504-2663 (cell)

Sue Rochman

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Conditions
Clinical Trials
Health Care Delivery and Policy

(415) 265-2418 (cell)

If you are unsure which scientific section the person you wish to interview is in, please call for assistance. After regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT), please use the mobile numbers provided to reach us.

We will work with you to schedule interview times and facilitate communication with our scientists. We also can provide you with relevant background material and recommend additional sources for your story.

Interviews with Kaiser Permanente Clinicians and/or Members

If your story involves interviews with Kaiser Permanente clinicians or one of our members, please let us know in advance. Any contact with a member/patient must be initiated by their physician. With permission, we may then contact the member/patient on your behalf if they are willing to speak with the media.

Consent in the form of written authorization as defined under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act must be obtained from a Kaiser Permanente member or a member’s parent/guardian prior to any interview.

Photography and videotaping require additional consent and written authorization. The Communications staff is responsible for all direct contact with clinicians and members, as well as obtaining all required consents. In addition, we must accompany all reporters, film crews, and photographers on interviews and photo/video shoots.

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