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Elizabeth M. Cespedes Feliciano, ScD, SM

Elizabeth  Cespedes Feliciano, ScD, SM

Elizabeth M. Cespedes Feliciano, ScD, SM, is a Research Scientist II at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research. Her research focuses on identifying, understanding, and intervening on modifiable risk factors for obesity and cancer-related metabolic diseases. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, a Masters in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and a doctorate in Epidemiology and Nutrition, also from Harvard University. Dr. Cespedes Feliciano’s research focuses on two main content areas: (1) cancer survivorship, specifically assessing body composition and cancer outcomes including treatment-related toxicity, surgical complications, recurrence, and survival, and (2) cardiometabolic health, specifically assessing the role of sleep and diet.

Current Positions

  • Research Scientist II, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Section Affiliations

Primary Research Interests

  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Sleep
  • Dietary patterns
  • Ethnic minority health and health disparities
  • Diabetes
  • Behavior change
  • Chronic disease prevention


Long-Term Trajectories of Accelerated Biological Aging and Functional Decline Associated with Breast Cancer and its Treatment

We combine three decades of clinical, self-reported, and physiological data from the Women’s Health Initiative to characterize long-term trajectories of physical function in breast cancer survivors and test whether they are modified by intensity of cancer treatments; test whether breast cancer and its treatments increase the rate of epigenetic aging and whether the rate of epigenetic aging continues to accelerate after treatment; and examine the relationship between the rate of epigenetic aging and functional decline and test whether it differs between breast cancer survivors and usual aging controls.

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Cancer Institute

Body composition and breast cancer survival: immune and metabolic biomarkers in breast tumors – Disparities Supplement

This is a supplement with the long-term goal to reduce the disproportionate burden of breast cancer mortality experienced by non-Hispanic black (NHB) women by understanding the role of a key, modifiable risk factor: excess adiposity.

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Cancer Institute

Understanding the role of adipose tissue distribution and adipokine-related RNA expression in the tumor microenvironment on breast cancer outcomes in a racially and ethnically diverse sample

We will test the central hypothesis that adipose tissue depots (visceral vs. subcutaneous), measured using computed tomography scans, have differing associations with adipokine and adipokine receptor gene expression profiles and related gene signatures in the breast tumor microenvironment, which can be used to develop outcome predictive models. This study will (1) Examine whether adipose tissue distribution impacts cell type-specific RNA expression profiles of leptin, adiponectin, and their receptors in breast tumors and the adjacent breast TME; (2) Define associations of these RNA expression profiles with breast tumor clinicopathology; and (3) Examine whether these RNA expression profiles predict breast cancer recurrence and mortality.

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Cancer Institute

Informatics approaches to assessing patient frailty in surgical care

Patient frailty increases the risk for surgical complications, which are common, costly, and deadly, especially for older Americans. To improve surgical care for older adults, we will investigate whether electronic measures of frailty can help reduce complications by identifying which patients are likely to be readmitted to the hospital or die soon after surgery.

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Institute on Aging

Body Composition and Breast Cancer Survival: Immune and Metabolic Biomarkers in Breast Tumors

We previously found that one third of nonmetastatic breast cancer patients had sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle tissue) at the time of their diagnosis and that having sarcopenia and obesity was associated with an 89% increased risk of death. This study will use 1,400 archived clinical tumor tissues from stage II-III breast cancer patients for whom we have data on body composition, metabolic syndrome, weight history, cancer therapy, and long-term follow-up for breast cancer outcomes. We will classify breast cancer molecular subtypes, measure gene expression levels in immune and metabolic pathways potentially influenced by body composition and the metabolic syndrome, and examine whether  alterations in the breast cancer tumor microenvironment mediate the association of body composition and breast cancer survival.

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Cancer Institute

D3-creatine dilution to assess skeletal muscle mass in colon cancer patients

Among colon cancer patients participating in a resistance training intervention during chemotherapy, this study will examine whether a new method to evaluate skeletal muscle mass (d3-creatine dilution) is associated with the key cancer outcomes of strength and physical function, chemotherapy toxicity, inflammation, cardiometabolic risk factors and markers of tumor recurrence.

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Cancer Institute

Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea: predictive modeling to streamline care

To prioritize pediatric attended polysomnography and treatment for children most in need while reducing the unnecessary use of overnight sleep studies, we propose to build and rigorously evaluate a clinical risk prediction model. We will combine data from pediatric sleep questionnaires with other risk factors derived from the electronic medical record to predict obstructive sleep apnea severity among pediatric sleep patients and evaluate our model’s performance in an independent sample. 

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: The Permanente Medical Group

Healthful dietary patterns, intermediate biomarkers and long-term breast cancer prognosis

To strengthen the dietary guidelines for breast cancer survivors, we examine whether at-diagnosis concordance with healthful dietary patterns is associated with recurrence or breast cancer death, or with prognostic biomarkers (i.e., body composition, inflammation or metabolic syndrome). Secondarily, we will examine whether improving diet quality (or maintaining high diet quality) after diagnosis reduces risk of recurrence or breast cancer death.

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: American Institute for Cancer Research

Beyond Body Mass Index: Bringing Body Composition into Oncology Practice

This project consists of development of electronic tools to rapidly assess body composition in colorectal cancer and breast cancer patients and present this information to clinicians. It leverages Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s electronic medical records and repository of CT images, including 6,000 images from colorectal cancer and breast cancer patients that were previously manually analyzed for body composition. This project has three major aims: validate software to automatically assess body composition from clinically-acquired imaging (Aim 1); improve the predictive performance of established colorectal cancer risk prediction models through the addition of body composition variables (Aim 2); and develop a prototype of an electronic decision support tool that presents personalized patient risk information to clinicians in an understandable and actionable format (Aim 3).

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Cancer Institute


Alcohol consumption and prognosis and survival in breast cancer survivors: The Pathways Study

Authors: Kwan, Marilyn L;Valice, Emily;Ergas, Isaac J;Roh, Janise M;Caan, Bette J;Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M;Kolevska, Tatjana;Hartman, Terryl J;Quesenberry, Charles P;Ambrosone, Christine B;Kushi, Lawrence H

Cancer. 2023 Aug 09.

PubMed abstract

Body Composition, Relative Dose Intensity, and Adverse Events Among Patients with Colon Cancer

Authors: Cheng, En;Campbell, Kristin L;Schmitz, Kathryn H;Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M;et al.

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2023 Jul 14.

PubMed abstract

Associations of post-diagnosis lifestyle with prognosis in women with invasive breast cancer

Authors: Troeschel, Alyssa N;McCullough, Lauren E;Collin, Lindsay J;Bradshaw, Patrick T;Valice, Emily;Kushi, Lawrence H;et al.

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2023 Jul 05;32(7):963-975.

PubMed abstract

Intermittent fasting interventions to leverage metabolic and circadian mechanisms for cancer treatment and supportive care outcomes

Authors: Kalam, Faiza;James, Dara L;Li, Yun Rose;Coleman, Michael F;Kiesel, Violet A;Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M;Hursting, Stephen D;Sears, Dorothy D;Kleckner, Amber S

J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr. 2023 May 04;2023(61):84-103.

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Cachexia: A systemic consequence of progressive, unresolved disease

Authors: Ferrer, Miriam;Brown, Justin C;Caan, Bette J;Janowitz, Tobias;et al.

Cell. 2023 Apr 27;186(9):1824-1845.

PubMed abstract

Long-term Trajectories of Physical Function Decline in Women With and Without Cancer

Authors: Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Quesenberry, Charles; Caan, Bette J; Anderson, Garnet L; et al.

JAMA Oncol. 2023 Mar 01;9(3):395-403.

PubMed abstract

Association of Inflammatory Biomarkers With Survival Among Patients With Stage III Colon Cancer

Authors: Cheng, En; Caan, Bette J; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Meyerhardt, Jeffrey A; et al.

JAMA Oncol. 2023 Mar 01;9(3):404-413.

PubMed abstract

Sleep duration, plasma metabolites, and obesity and diabetes: A metabolome-wide association study in US women

Authors: Fritz, Josef; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Vetter, Céline; et al.

Sleep. 2023 Jan 11;46(1).

PubMed abstract

Metabolic abnormalities and survival among patients with non-metastatic breast cancer

Authors: Zimbalist, Alexa S; Caan, Bette J; Chen, Wendy Y; Mittendorf, Elizabeth A; Dillon, Deborah A R; Quesenberry, Charles; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M

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PubMed abstract

Adipose tissue radiodensity and mortality among patients with nonmetastatic breast cancer

Authors: Cheng, En; Caan, Bette J; Chen, Wendy Y; Irwin, Melinda L; Prado, Carla M; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M

Clin Nutr. 2022 Dec;41(12):2607-2613. Epub 2022-10-04.

PubMed abstract

Body composition from single versus multi-slice abdominal computed tomography: Concordance and associations with colorectal cancer survival

Authors: Anyene, Ijeamaka; Caan, Bette; Williams, Grant R; Popuri, Karteek; Lenchik, Leon; Giri, Smith; Chow, Vincent; Beg, Mirza Faisal; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M

J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. 2022 Dec;13(6):2974-2984. Epub 2022-09-02.

PubMed abstract

Quantifying Frailty Requires a Conceptual Model Before a Statistical Model-Reply

Authors: Le, Sidney T; Liu, Vincent X; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M

JAMA Surg. 2022 Nov 01;157(11):1065-1066.

PubMed abstract

Adiposity and cancer survival: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors: Cheng, En; Kirley, Jocelyn; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Caan, Bette J

Cancer Causes Control. 2022 Oct;33(10):1219-1246. Epub 2022-08-15.

PubMed abstract

Adherence to the American Cancer Society Guidelines on nutrition and physical activity for cancer prevention and obesity-related cancer risk and mortality in Black and Latina Women’s Health Initiative participants

Authors: Pichardo, Margaret S; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Irwin, Melinda L; et al.

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Association of sleep duration and insomnia with metabolic syndrome and its components in the Women’s Health Initiative

Authors: Peila, Rita; Allison, Matthew; Rohan, Thomas E; et al.

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PubMed abstract

The association of abdominal adiposity with premature discontinuation of postoperative chemotherapy in colon cancer

Authors: Brown, Justin C; Meyerhardt, Jeffrey A; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Cheng, En; Caan, Bette J

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PubMed abstract

Diabetes Incidence Among Hispanic/Latino Adults in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL)

Authors: Cordero, Christina; Espinoza Giacinto, Rebeca A; Avilés-Santa, Larissa; et al.

Diabetes Care. 2022 06 02;45(6):1482-1485.

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Trajectories of objectively measured physical function among older breast cancer survivors in comparison with cancer-free controls

Authors: Luo, Juhua; Carter, Stephen J; Feliciano, Elizabeth M Cespedes; Hendryx, Michael

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2022 Jun;193(2):467-476. Epub 2022-03-26.

PubMed abstract

Predicting obstructive sleep apnea severity in children referred for polysomnography: use of the Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire and Subscales

Authors: Bseikri, Mustafa; Zhang, Jie; Kirley, Jocelyn; Lee, Catherine; Castillo, Adrienne; Feliciano, Elizabeth M Cespedes

Sleep Breath. 2022 May 28.

PubMed abstract

Comparison of Electronic Frailty Metrics for Prediction of Adverse Outcomes of Abdominal Surgery

Authors: Le, Sidney T; Liu, Vincent X; Kipnis, Patricia; Zhang, Jie; Peng, Peter D; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M

JAMA Surg. 2022 05 01;157(5):e220172. Epub 2022-05-11.

PubMed abstract

Greater Body Fatness Is Associated With Higher Protein Expression of LEPR in Breast Tumor Tissues: A Cross-Sectional Analysis in the Women’s Circle of Health Study

Authors: Llanos, Adana A M; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Demissie, Kitaw; et al.

Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2022;13:879164. Epub 2022-06-29.

PubMed abstract

Abdominal adipose tissue radiodensity is associated with survival after colorectal cancer

Authors: Feliciano, Elizabeth M Cespedes; Winkels, Renate M; Meyerhardt, Jeffrey A; Prado, Carla M; Afman, Lydia A; Caan, Bette J

Am J Clin Nutr. 2021 12 01;114(6):1917-1924.

PubMed abstract

Neighborhood and Individual Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Survival Among Patients With Nonmetastatic Common Cancers

Authors: Cheng, En; Soulos, Pamela R; Irwin, Melinda L; Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M; Presley, Carolyn J; Fuchs, Charles S; Meyerhardt, Jeffrey A; Gross, Cary P

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Plant-Based Dietary Patterns and Breast Cancer Recurrence and Survival in the Pathways Study

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Weight stability masks changes in body composition in colorectal cancer: a retrospective cohort study

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Alignment of dietary patterns with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 and risk of all-cause and cause-specific mortality in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study

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Diet Quality and Breast Cancer Recurrence and Survival: The Pathways Study

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Predictive Value of DXA Appendicular Lean Mass for Incident Fractures, Falls, and Mortality, Independent of Prior Falls, FRAX, and BMD: Findings from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)

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Recruitment strategies and design considerations in a trial of resistance training to prevent dose-limiting toxicities in colon cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

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Deep learning method for localization and segmentation of abdominal CT

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Association of Low Muscle Mass and Low Muscle Radiodensity With Morbidity and Mortality for Colon Cancer Surgery

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Adipose Tissue Distribution and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Breast Cancer Survivors

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Chronotype, Social Jet Lag, and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Early Adolescence

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Association of Daily Rest-Activity Patterns With Adiposity and Cardiometabolic Risk Measures in Teens

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PubMed abstract

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What Should Cardiologists Tell Their Patients About a Healthy Dietary Pattern?

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PubMed abstract

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