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Cancer - Cancer Treatment, Outcomes, and Survivorship

Our researchers conduct studies within KPNC and with KP researchers in other regions. Our investigators also participate in numerous multi-institutional clinical trials, research studies, and networks, such as the Cancer Screening Research Network. We are also a designated Community Site for the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

This research includes:

  • The prospective Pathways Study on breast cancer survival, which is investigating areas such as the relationship between breast cancer treatment and cardiovascular disease, spinal fractures, and the link between inflammation and breast cancer outcomes.
  • The prospective Be-Well Study — one of the largest cohorts of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients being followed in the world — which has found smoking increases the risk of a bladder cancer recurrence.
  • A Cancer Grand Challenges award to tackle cachexia — a debilitating wasting condition people often experience in the later stages of their cancer.
  • Studies on body composition, physical activity, obesity, and cancer outcomes Investigating the effects cancer has on physical function and aging.
  • Studies investigating the impact of social support networks on cancer survival.
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