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Barriers to Healthcare for Latinx Autistic Children and Adolescents

To understand the ways in which autistic Latinx children experience disparities in diagnosis, healthcare, and receipt of specialty services. 417 individuals who identified as Latinx caregivers of autistic children who were members of the same integrated healthcare system in Northern California were surveyed. Responses were analyzed using the child’s insurance coverage (Government or Commercial) and caregiver’s primary language (Spanish or English). Compared to the commercially-insured, government-insured participants accessed several services at a higher rate and were less likely to cite the high cost of co-pays as a barrier. There were no significant differences in service access by language status, but Spanish speakers were more likely to cite health literacy as a barrier to receiving care.

Authors: Grosvenor, Luke P;Cohen, Ryan J;Gordon, Nancy P;Massolo, Maria L;Cerros, Hilda J;Yoshida, Cathleen K;Ames, Jennifer L;Croen, Lisa A

J Autism Dev Disord. 2024 Jan 17.

PubMed abstract

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