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Changes in physical function in older women with endometrial cancer with or without adjuvant therapy

To evaluate changes in physical function (PF) for older women with endometrial cancer (EC) + / - adjuvant therapy in the Women’s Health Initiative Life and Longevity after Cancer cohort. This study examined women ≥ 70 years of age with EC with available treatment records. Change in PF was measured using the RAND-36 and compared between groups using Wilcoxon rank-sum tests. Multivariable median regression was used to compare the changes in scores while adjusting for confounding variables. Included in the study were 287 women, 150 (52.3%) women who did not receive adjuvant therapy and 137 (47.7%) who received adjuvant therapy. When comparing PF scores, there was a statistically significant difference in the median percent change in functional decline, with a greater decline in those who received adjuvant therapy (- 5.9% [- 23.5 to 0%]) compared to those who did not (0 [- 18.8 to + 6.7%]), p = 0.02). Results were not statistically significant after multivariable adjustment, but women who underwent chemotherapy had a greater percent change (median ∆ - 13.8% [- 35.5 to 0%]) compared to those who received radiation alone (median ∆ - 5.9% [- 31.3 to 0%]) or chemotherapy and radiation (median ∆ - 6.5% [- 25.8 to + 5.7%]. Older women with EC who received adjuvant therapy experienced greater change in PF than those who did not receive adjuvant therapy, particularly women who received chemotherapy. These results were not statistically significant on multivariate analysis. EC survivors may experience changes in PF because of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Additional supportive care may need to be provided to older women to mitigate functional decline.

Authors: Quick, Allison M;Cespedes Feliciano, Elizabeth M;Paskett, Electra;et al.

J Cancer Surviv. 2023 Sep 05.

PubMed abstract

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