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Context is Key: Using the Audit Log to Capture Contextual Factors Affecting Stroke Care Processes

High quality patient care through timely, precise and efficacious management depends not only on the clinical presentation of a patient, but the context of the care environment to which they present. Understanding and improving factors that affect streamlined workflow, such as provider or department busyness or experience, are essential to improving these care processes, but have been difficult to measure with traditional approaches and clinical data sources. In this exploratory data analysis, we aim to determine whether such contextual factors can be captured for important clinical processes by taking advantage of non-traditional data sources like EHR audit logs which passively track the electronic behavior of clinical teams. Our results illustrate the potential of defining multiple measures of contextual factors and their correlation with key care processes. We illustrate this using thrombolytic (tPA) treatment for ischemic stroke as an example process, but the measurement approaches can be generalized to multiple scenarios.

Authors: Noshad, Morteza; Rose, Christian C; Thombley, Robert; Chiang, Jonathan; Corbin, Conor K; Nguyen, Minh; Liu, Vincent X; Adler-Milstein, Julia; Chen, Jonathan H

AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2020;2020:953-962. Epub 2021-01-25.

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