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Employer-Based Screening for Diabetes and Prediabetes in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System: A Natural Experiment for Translation in Diabetes (NEXT-D) Study

This study evaluates an employer-based diabetes/prediabetes screening intervention that invited at-risk employees via letters, secure e-mails, and automated voice messages to complete blood glucose testing at a health plan facility. Quasi-experimental cohort study among health plan members insured by two employers that received the intervention and three employers that were selected as control sites. The proportion of at-risk members that completed a screening was higher in the intervention group than in the control group (36% vs 13%, P?

Authors: Adams SR; Wiley DM; Fargeix A; George V; Neugebauer RS; Schmittdiel JA

J Occup Environ Med. 2015 Nov;57(11):1147-53.

PubMed abstract

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