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Genome-wide association study of colorectal cancer identifies six new susceptibility loci

Genetic susceptibility to colorectal cancer is caused by rare pathogenic mutations and common genetic variants that contribute to familial risk. Here we report the results of a two-stage association study with 18,299 cases of colorectal cancer and 19,656 controls, with follow-up of the most statistically significant genetic loci in 4,725 cases and 9,969 controls from two Asian consortia. We describe six new susceptibility loci reaching a genome-wide threshold of P<5.0E-08. These findings provide additional insight into the underlying biological mechanisms of colorectal cancer and demonstrate the scientific value of large consortia-based genetic epidemiology studies.

Authors: Schumacher, Fredrick R;Butterbach, Katja;Peters, Ulrike;et al.

Nat Commun. 2015 Jul 07;6:7138. Epub 2015-07-07.

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