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Is patient activation associated with outcomes of care for adults with chronic conditions?

We examined the patient activation measure’s (PAM’s) association with process and health outcomes among adults with chronic conditions. Patients with high PAM scores were significantly more likely to perform self-management behaviors, use self-management services, and report high medication adherence, compared to patients with the lowest PAM scores. This population was 10 times more likely to report high patient-satisfaction scores, 5 times more likely to report high quality-of-life scores, and reported significantly higher physical and mental functional status scores, compared to those with the lowest scores. These results suggest that PAM scores are associated with key process and health outcome measures.

Authors: Mosen DM; Schmittdiel J; Hibbard J; Sobel D; Remmers C; Bellows J

J Ambul Care Manage. 2007 Jan-Mar;30(1):21-9.

PubMed abstract

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