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Neonatal jaundice in association with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disorder

To examine the association between neonatal jaundice and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and non-ASD developmental disorder (DD). We analyzed data from the Study to Explore Early Development, a US multisite, case-control study conducted from 2007 to 2011. Developmental assessment classified children aged 2-5 years into: ASD (n = 636), DD (n = 777), or controls (POP; n = 926). Neonatal jaundice (n = 1054) was identified from medical records and maternal interviews. We examined associations between neonatal jaundice and ASD and DD using regression models to obtain adjusted odds ratios (aOR). Our results showed interaction between gestational age and neonatal jaundice. Neonatal jaundice was associated with ASD at 35-37 weeks (aOR = 1.83, 95%CI 1.05, 3.19), but not ≥38 weeks gestation (aOR = 0.97, 95%CI 0.76, 1.24). Similar results were observed with DD. Further exploration of timing and severity of neonatal jaundice and ASD/DD is warranted.

Authors: Cordero C; Schieve LA; Croen LA; Engel SM; Maria Siega-Riz A; Herring AH; Vladutiu CJ; Seashore CJ; Daniels JL

J Perinatol. 2020 02;40(2):219-225. Epub 2019-08-06.

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