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Peri-Pregnancy Cannabis Use and Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Offspring: Findings from the Study to Explore Early Development

The association of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with self-reported maternal cannabis use from 3 months pre-conception to delivery (“peri-pregnancy”) was assessed in children aged 30-68 months, born 2003 to 2011. Children with ASD (N = 1428) were compared to children with other developmental delays/disorders (DD, N = 1198) and population controls (POP, N = 1628). Peri-pregnancy cannabis use was reported for 5.2% of ASD, 3.2% of DD and 4.4% of POP children. Adjusted odds of peri-pregnancy cannabis use did not differ significantly between ASD cases and DD or POP controls. Results were similar for any use during pregnancy. However, given potential risks suggested by underlying neurobiology and animal models, further studies in more recent cohorts, in which cannabis use and perception may have changed, are needed.

Authors: DiGuiseppi, Carolyn; Daniels, Julie L; Robinson Rosenberg, Cordelia; et al.

J Autism Dev Disord. 2022 Nov;52(11):5064-5071. Epub 2021-11-12.

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