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The effect of frequent hemodialysis on matrix metalloproteinases, their tissue inhibitors, and FGF23: Implications for blood pressure and left ventricular mass modification in the Frequent Hemodialysis Network trials

Frequent hemodialysis modifies serum phosphorus, blood pressure, and left ventricular mass (LVM). We ascertained whether frequent hemodialysis is associated with specific changes in biomarker profile among patients enrolled in the frequent hemodialysis network (FHN) trials. This was a post hoc analysis of biomarkers among patients enrolled to the FHN trials. In particular, we hypothesized that frequent hemodialysis is associated with changes in a specific set of biomarkers which are linked with changes in blood pressure or LVM. Among 332 randomized patients, 243 had biomarker data available. Of these, 124 patients were assigned to 3-times-a-week hemodialysis (94 [Daily Trial] and 30 [Nocturnal Trial]) and 119 patients were assigned to 6-times-a-week hemodialysis (87 [Daily Trial] and 32 [Nocturnal Trial]). Frequent hemodialysis lowered phosphate, blood pressures, LVM, log fibroblast growth factor (FGF)23, and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase (TIMP)-2 levels. The fall in phosphate was associated with changes in FGF23 (r = 0.48, P < 0.001) [Daily Trial] and (r = 0.55, P < 0.001) [Nocturnal Trial]) and tended to be associated with changes in systolic blood pressure (r = 0.18, P = 0.057) [Daily Trial] and (r = 0.31, P = 0.04) [Nocturnal Trial]. Within the Daily Trial, changes in MMP2 (r = 0.20, P = 0.034) were associated with changes in LVM. In the Nocturnal Trial, changes in TIMP-1 (r = 0.37, P = 0.029) and MMP 9 (r = -0.38, P = 0.01) were associated with LVM changes. MMP2 changes were associated with changes in systolic blood pressure. Reduction of serum phosphate by frequent hemodialysis may modulate FGF23 levels and systolic blood pressure. Markers of matrix turnover are associated with LVM changes. Frequent hemodialysis may affect pathological mediators of chronic kidney disease-mineral bone-metabolism disorder.

Authors: Chan CT; Kaysen GA; Beck GJ; Li M; Lo JC; Rocco MV; Kliger AS; FHN Trials

Hemodial Int. 2020 04;24(2):162-174. Epub 2019-12-11.

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