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Dr. Adams’ work has focused on the determinants of suboptimal use of potentially beneficial health care services among disparities populations, including racial differences in medication adherence and the impact of changes in health policy on access to high quality health services and health outcomes for vulnerable patients. Dr. Adams is a member of the Kaiser Permanente Disparities Working Group and the Advisory Committee on Quality for the California Health Families Program.


Drug Benefit Design and Adherence Disparities in Older Adults

Our prior study examined the impact of one aspect of Medicare Part D, the removal of limits on the number of reimbursable prescriptions per month (drug caps) on racial differences in chronic disease treatment among dual Medicare and Medicaid enrollees with complex medical conditions. Among dual enrollees with diabetes and common comorbidities, white-black treatment gaps that were present at baseline (e.g., lipid lowering therapy, antidepressants) persisted among patients 65 and older) and worsened among women and those 65 and younger. The primary objective of this study is to enhance our understanding of persistent disparities in treatment adherence and the equity effects of changes in drug coverage in order to reduce disparities in treatment adherence among older adults with complex medical conditions.

Investigator: Adams, Alyce

Funder: National Institute on Aging

Improving Outcomes and Care Experience among Dual-Eligible Members

This study will be one of the first to examine the relationship between health-system factors across the continuum of care (pharmacy, hospital, primary care) and health-care quality and outcomes among vulnerable, dual-eligible, managed-care members. In addition, we will use geographically-tagged data on social determinants of health, or neighborhoods where these members live, to identify geographic clusters of patients who are at higher risk for suboptimal health outcomes. Further, we will leverage simulation methods to evaluate the potential impact of addressing these factors on future utilization.

Investigator: Adams, Alyce

Funder: TPMG Delivery Science Projects Program

Advancing Geriatrics Infrastructure and Network Growth (AGING) Initiative

​The Advancing Geriatrics Infrastructure and Network Growth (AGING) Initiative was initiated in 2014 to bridge the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) with the Older Americans Independence Centers (OAICs, also known as “Pepper Centers”) in order to advance an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on older adults with multiple chronic conditions. The overarching aim of this current project is to build upon AGING’s efforts to create a mature and sustainable infrastructure to advance an interdisciplinary research agenda to improve the care and well-being of these adults.

Investigator: Adams, Alyce

Funder: National Institute on Aging

Does Free Medicines Coverage Improve Diabetes Self-Care and Outcomes for Diverse Populations?

A quasi-experimental longitudinal study to evaluate the impact of KPHI WellRx — a program intended to engage patients more effectively in their self-care — among a diverse cohort of patients with diabetes. The study will evaluate: (1) the offering of the free WellRx Pilot from January 2012 through December 2014 to selected employers and patients; and (2) the end of the free program with the option for selected employers to purchase WellRx beginning in 2015.

Investigator: Adams, Alyce

Funder: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Predictive Modeling to Aid Clinical Decision-Making and Improve Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Outcomes

This 18-month research project will bring together a multidisciplinary team of scientists and clinicians from four Kaiser Permanente regions (Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, and Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States) to identify patients most likely to benefit from intensive monitoring of diabetic peripheral neuropathy symptoms using predictive modeling strategies. The long-term goal of this study is to improve medical management of diabetic peripheral neuropathy while enhancing both the patient and provider experience and reducing healthcare costs.

Investigator: Adams, Alyce

Funder: Garfield Memorial Fund

Balancing Treatment Outcomes and Medication Burden among Patients with Symptomatic Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

This project is a continuation of a study we recently conducted to identify and prioritize treatment outcomes of relevance to patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). DPN affects 30% to 50% of all adults with diabetes and symptoms such as pain, tingling, numbness or a burning sensation in the extremities can be sudden and severe. Currently, only two prescription medications are approved for treatment of DPN symptoms, though many more are routinely used in practice. Clinical trials suggest that commonly used therapies have similar efficacy with respect to pain relief. However, side effects are common and little is known about the relative efficacy of these medications in addressing other patient-valued outcomes (e.g., quality of life). The goal of the proposal is to evaluate whether a clinical decision aid that includes information on patient treatment preferences can improve treatment persistence and outcomes that are important to patients.

Investigator: Adams, Alyce

Funder: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


Evaluation of approaches to recruitment of racially and ethnically diverse breast cancer patients from an integrated health care setting for collection of observational social network data

Authors: Kroenke, Candyce H;Kurtovich, Elaine;Aoki, Rhonda;Shim, Veronica C;Chan, Tracy D;Brenman, Leslie Manace;Bethard-Tracy, Jane;Adams, Alyce S;Kennedy, David P

Cancer Causes Control. 2023 Aug;34(8):705-713. Epub 2023-05-05.

PubMed abstract

Glycemic Control Over Multiple Decades and Dementia Risk in People With Type 2 Diabetes

Authors: Moran, Chris;Lacy, Mary E;Whitmer, Rachel A;Tsai, Ai-Lin;Quesenberry, Charles P;Karter, Andrew J;Adams, Alyce S;Gilsanz, Paola

JAMA Neurol. 2023 Jun 01;80(6):597-604.

PubMed abstract

The Impact of Financial Assistance Programs on Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Kaiser Permanente

Authors: Adams, Alyce; Kluender, Raymond; Mahoney, Neale; Wang, Jinglin; Wong, Francis; Yin, Wesley

Am Econ Rev Insights. 2022 Sep;4(3):389-407.

PubMed abstract

Address Changes Are Associated With Unmet Glycemic Targets: Opportunities to Improve Processes and Outcomes of Care Among People With Type 2 Diabetes

Authors: Thomas, Tainayah; Dyer, Wendy; Adams, Alyce; Grant, Richard; Schmittdiel, Julie

Perm J. 2022 06 29;26(2):1-10. Epub 2022-06-15.

PubMed abstract

Clinical Decision Support to Address Racial Disparities in Hypertension Control in an Integrated Delivery System: Evaluation of a Natural Experiment

Authors: Marshall, Cassondra; Adams, Alyce S; Ma, Lin; Altschuler, Andrea; Lin, Mark W; Thompson, Nailah A; Young, Joseph D

Perm J. 2021 Oct 25;26(1):11-20. Epub 2021-10-25.

PubMed abstract

Factors associated with persistent high health care utilization in managed Medicaid

Authors: Banerjee, Somalee; Alabaster, Amy; Kipnis, Patricia; Adams, Alyce S

Am J Manag Care. 2021 08;27(8):340-344.

PubMed abstract

Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Testing and Outcomes : Retrospective Cohort Study in an Integrated Health System

Authors: Escobar, Gabriel J; Adams, Alyce S; Liu, Vincent X; Soltesz, Lauren; Chen, Yi-Fen Irene; Parodi, Stephen M; Ray, G Thomas; Myers, Laura C; Ramaprasad, Charulata M; Dlott, Richard; Lee, Catherine

Ann Intern Med. 2021 06;174(6):786-793. Epub 2021-02-09.

PubMed abstract

Bisphosphonate Treatment Beyond 5 Years and Hip Fracture Risk in Older Women

Authors: Izano, Monika A; Lo, Joan C; Adams, Annette L; Ettinger, Bruce; Ott, Susan M; Chandra, Malini; Hui, Rita L; Niu, Fang; Li, Bonnie H; Neugebauer, Romain S

JAMA Netw Open. 2020 12 01;3(12):e2025190. Epub 2020-12-01.

PubMed abstract

Individual and Neighborhood Factors Associated with Failure to Vaccinate against Influenza during Pregnancy

Authors: Zerbo, Ousseny; Ray, G Thomas; Zhang, Lea; Goddard, Kristin; Fireman, Bruce; Adams, Alyce; Omer, Saad; Kulldorff, Martin; Klein, Nicola P

Am J Epidemiol. 2020 11 02;189(11):1379-1388.

PubMed abstract

Study protocol: Using peer support to aid in prevention and treatment in prediabetes (UPSTART)

Authors: Heisler M; Adams A; Hedderson M; Schmittdiel JA; et al.

Contemp Clin Trials. 2020 08;95:106048. Epub 2020-06-01.

PubMed abstract

Exploiting nonsystematic covariate monitoring to broaden the scope of evidence about the causal effects of adaptive treatment strategies

Authors: Kreif N; Sofrygin O; Schmittdiel JA; Adams AS; Grant RW; Zhu Z; van der Laan MJ; Neugebauer R

Biometrics. 2020 Apr 15.

PubMed abstract

Preventing Diabetes in High-Risk Patients: Time for a System-Level Approach to Disease Prevention

Authors: Schmittdiel JA; Adams AS; Dlott R

J Gen Intern Med. 2019 08;34(8):1367-1368.

PubMed abstract

Targeted learning with daily EHR data

Authors: Sofrygin O; Zhu Z; Schmittdiel JA; Adams AS; Grant RW; van der Laan MJ; Neugebauer R

Stat Med. 2019 07 20;38(16):3073-3090. Epub 2019-04-25.

PubMed abstract

Prompting Patients with Poorly Controlled Diabetes to Identify Visit Priorities Before Primary Care Visits: a Pragmatic Cluster Randomized Trial

Authors: Vo MT; Uratsu CS; Estacio KR; Altschuler A; Kim E; Alexeeff SE; Adams AS; Schmittdiel JA; Heisler M; Grant RW

J Gen Intern Med. 2019 06;34(6):831-838. Epub 2019-02-11.

PubMed abstract

Disparities in knowledge and use of tobacco treatment among smokers in California following healthcare reform

Authors: Young-Wolff KC; Adams SR; Tan ASL; Adams AS; Klebaner D; Campbell CI; Satre DD; Salloum RG; Carter-Harris L; Prochaska JJ

Prev Med Rep. 2019 Jun;14:100847. Epub 2019-03-15.

PubMed abstract

Automated symptom and treatment side effect monitoring for improved quality of life among adults with diabetic peripheral neuropathy in primary care: a pragmatic, cluster, randomized, controlled trial

Authors: Adams AS; Schmittdiel JA; Neugebauer R; Grant RW; et al.

Diabet Med. 2019 01;36(1):52-61. Epub 2018-11-07.

PubMed abstract

Clinical Response to Real-Time Patient-Reported Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Authors: Banerjee S; Kim E; Parker MM; Gilliam LK; Dlott R; Adams A

Perm J. 2019;23.

PubMed abstract

Examining the role of access to care: Racial/ethnic differences in receipt of resection for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer among integrated system members and non-members

Authors: Check DK; Albers KB; Uppal KM; Suga JM; Adams AS; Habel LA; Quesenberry CP; Sakoda LC

Lung Cancer. 2018 Nov;125:51-56. Epub 2018-09-11.

PubMed abstract

Evaluating the Impact of Eliminating Copayments for Tobacco Cessation Pharmacotherapy

Authors: Young-Wolff KC; Adams SR; Klebaner D; Adams AS; Campbell CI; Satre DD; Prochaska JJ

Med Care. 2018 11;56(11):912-918.

PubMed abstract

Depression in type 1 diabetes and risk of dementia

Authors: Gilsanz P; Schnaider Beeri M; Karter AJ; Quesenberry CP; Adams AS; Whitmer RA

Aging Ment Health. 2018 Apr 10:1-7.

PubMed abstract

Effect of Out-of-Pocket Cost on Medication Initiation, Adherence, and Persistence among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: The Diabetes Study of Northern California (DISTANCE)

Authors: Karter AJ; Parker MM; Solomon MD; Lyles CR; Adams AS; Moffet HH; Reed ME

Health Serv Res. 2018 04;53(2):1227-1247. Epub 2017-05-05.

PubMed abstract

Disparities in Prostate, Lung, Breast, and Colorectal Cancer Survival and Comorbidity Status among Urban American Indians and Alaskan Natives

Authors: Emerson MA; Banegas MP; Chawla N; Achacoso N; Alexeeff SE; Adams AS; Habel LA

Cancer Res. 2017 12 01;77(23):6770-6776. Epub 2017-11-29.

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Overcoming barriers to diabetic polyneuropathy management in primary care

Authors: Adams AS; Callaghan B; Grant RW

Healthc (Amst). 2017 Dec;5(4):171-173. Epub 2016-12-07.

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Effects of Transitioning to Medicare Part D on Access to Drugs for Medical Conditions among Dual Enrollees with Cancer

Authors: Adams AS; Madden JM; Zhang F; Lu CY; Ross-Degnan D; Lee A; Soumerai SB; Gilden D; Chawla N; Griggs JJ

Value Health. 2017 Dec;20(10):1345-1354. Epub 2017-07-06.

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The Delivery Science Rapid Analysis Program: A Research and Operational Partnership at Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Authors: Schmittdiel JA; Dlott R; Young JD; Rothmann MB; Dyer W; Adams AS

Learn Health Syst. 2017 Oct;1(4). Epub 2017-07-12.

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Association of the Affordable Care Act With Smoking and Tobacco Treatment Utilization Among Adults Newly Enrolled in Health Care

Authors: Young-Wolff KC; Klebaner D; Campbell CI; Weisner C; Satre DD; Adams AS

Med Care. 2017 May;55(5):535-541.

PubMed abstract

Population Health Management for Diabetes: Health Care System-Level Approaches for Improving Quality and Addressing Disparities

Authors: Schmittdiel JA; Gopalan A; Lin MW; Banerjee S; Chau CV; Adams AS

Curr Diab Rep. 2017 May;17(5):31.

PubMed abstract

Predicting Adherence and Persistence with Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System

Authors: Hui RL; Adams AL; Niu F; Ettinger B; Yi DK; Chandra M; Lo JC

J Manag Care Spec Pharm. 2017 Apr;23(4):503-512.

PubMed abstract

Primary care visit preparation and communication for patients with poorly controlled diabetes: A qualitative study of patients and physicians

Authors: Grant RW; Altschuler A; Uratsu CS; Sanchez G; Schmittdiel JA; Adams AS; Heisler M

Prim Care Diabetes. 2017 Apr;11(2):148-153. Epub 2016-12-01.

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Identification of the joint effect of a dynamic treatment intervention and a stochastic monitoring intervention under the no direct effect assumption

Authors: Neugebauer R; Schmittdiel JA; Adams AS; Grant RW; van der Laan MJ

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Depressive symptoms and adherence to cardiometabolic therapies across phases of treatment among adults with diabetes: the Diabetes Study of Northern California (DISTANCE)

Authors: Bauer AM; Parker MM; Moffet HH; Schillinger D; Adler NE; Adams AS; Schmittdiel JA; Katon WJ; Karter AJ

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A Learning Behavioral Health Care System: Opportunities to Enhance Research

Authors: Stein BD; Adams AS; Chambers DA

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The Diabetes Telephone Study: Design and challenges of a pragmatic cluster randomized trial to improve diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatment

Authors: Adams AS; Bayliss EA; Schmittdiel JA; Altschuler A; Dyer W; Neugebauer R; Jaffe M; Young JD; Kim E; Grant RW; Diabetes Telephone Study Team

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Communication Barriers and the Clinical Recognition of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in a Diverse Cohort of Adults: The DISTANCE Study

Authors: Adams AS; Parker MM; Moffet HH; Jaffe M; Schillinger D; Callaghan B; Piette J; Adler NE; Bauer A; Karter AJ

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Improved Perinatal Depression Screening, Treatment, and Outcomes With a Universal Obstetric Program

Authors: Avalos LA; Raine-Bennett T; Chen H; Adams AS; Flanagan T

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Pre-visit prioritization for complex patients with Diabetes: Randomized Trial Design and Implementation within an Integrated Health Care system

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Patient reported outcomes for diabetic peripheral neuropathy

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An algorithm to identify medication nonpersistence using electronic pharmacy databases

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Impact of a Pharmacy Benefit Change on New Use of Mail Order Pharmacy among Diabetes Patients: The Diabetes Study of Northern California (DISTANCE)

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Changes in Drug Coverage Generosity and Untreated Serious Mental Illness: Transitioning From Medicaid to Medicare Part D

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Changes in Use of Lipid-lowering Medications Among Black and White Dual Enrollees With Diabetes Transitioning From Medicaid to Medicare Part D Drug Coverage

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Initial Persistence With Antihypertensive Therapies Is Associated With Depression Treatment Persistence, But Not Depression

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Effects of Medicare Part D on Guideline-Concordant Pharmacotherapy for Bipolar I Disorder Among Dual Beneficiaries

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Diabetes care and outcomes for American Indians and Alaska natives in commercial integrated delivery systems: a SUrveillance, PREvention, and ManagEment of Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) Study

Authors: Schmittdiel JA; Adams AS; Manson SM; et al.

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Establishing visit priorities for complex patients: A summary of the literature and conceptual model to guide innovative interventions

Authors: Grant RW; Adams AS; Bayliss EA; Heisler M

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Health Literacy and Antidepressant Medication Adherence Among Adults with Diabetes; The Diabetes Study of Northern California (DISTANCE)

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The top patient safety strategies that can be encouraged for adoption now

Authors: Shekelle PG; Adams AS; Walshe K; et al.

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Elevated Rates of Diabetes in Pacific Islanders and Asian Subgroups: The Diabetes Study of Northern California (DISTANCE)

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Health System Factors and Antihypertensive Adherence in a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Cohort of New Users

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Health-Plan and Employer-Based Wellness Programs to Reduce Diabetes Risk: The Kaiser Permanente Northern California NEXT-D Study

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New Jersey’s efforts to improve postpartum depression care did not change treatment patterns for women on medicaid

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Impact of prior authorization on the use and costs of lipid-lowering medications among Michigan and Indiana dual enrollees in Medicaid and Medicare: results of a longitudinal, population-based study

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Use of well-child visits in high-deductible health plans

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Primary non-adherence to prescribed medications

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Impact of two Medicaid prior-authorization policies on antihypertensive use and costs among Michigan and Indiana residents dually enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare: results of a longitudinal, population-based study

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Unintended impacts of a Medicaid prior authorization policy on access to medications for bipolar illness

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A new measure of medication affordability

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The population-level impacts of a national health insurance program and franchise midwife clinics on achievement of prenatal and delivery care standards in the Philippines

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Bisphenol A levels in blood and urine in a Chinese population and the personal factors affecting the levels

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Prior authorization for antidepressants in Medicaid: effects among disabled dual enrollees

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Medication adherence and racial differences in A1C control

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Cost-related medication nonadherence and spending on basic needs following implementation of Medicare Part D

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PubMed abstract

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