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Stacey E. Alexeeff, PhD


Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
2000 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

510-891-3863 (phone)
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Stacey E. Alexeeff, PhD, is a research scientist/biostatistician at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research. She earned her MSc in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University in 2009 and her PhD in Biostatistics from Harvard University in 2013. Dr. Alexeeff's methodological areas of interest include spatial models, mixed effects modeling, longitudinal analysis techniques, measurement error, and gene-environment interaction tests. Her research in environmental epidemiology has focused on the health effects of ambient air pollution exposures across cardiovascular and respiratory systems, with particular emphasis on spatial models of air pollution and measurement error properties of these prediction models. Currently, Dr. Alexeeff is involved with ongoing research projects at the Division of Research, including studies of genetic and environmental risk factors for disease, intervention studies, and diagnostic prediction modeling.

Current Position(s):

  • Research Scientist II

Section Affiliations:

Primary Research Interests:

  • Genetic and environmental risk factors for disease
  • Health effects of air pollution
  • Longitudinal and mixed effects modeling
  • Risk scores and prediction modeling

    Impact of wildfire air pollution on rates of cardiovascular events and mortality

    There is an increasing frequency of large wildfires in California. Smoke from these wildfires can drastically increase short-term exposure to harmful air pollutants, especially particulate matter (PM), and some KPNC members may be at greater risk of the adverse health effects of wildfire smoke due to underlying comorbidities. We aim to investigate the health effects of wildfire-PM on cardiovascular events and mortality, and to determine which populations with underlying comorbidities may be at greatest risk during these wildfire events. By identifying clinical comorbidities that confer increased susceptibility to these deleterious effects, KPNC members who have higher risks could be targeted for specific interventions by their providers.
    Investigator: Alexeeff, Stacey
    Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

    Particulate Air Pollution, Cardiovascular Events, and Susceptibility Factors (PACES)

    This is a retrospective cohort study of 5 million adult members of Kaiser Permanente Northern California during 2000 to 2012, linked to state-of-the-art estimates of exposure to PM2.5 (particulate matter less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter) generated at 1km x 1km resolution using a novel hybrid model that incorporates meteorologic, land-use, and satellite measures. This project will quantify the associations between ambient PM2.5 exposure and risk of cardiovascular disease events, and determine whether demographic characteristics (age, sex, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status) and clinical comorbidities (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia) are susceptibility factors that confer elevated risk to the effects of PM2.5.
    Investigator: Alexeeff, Stacey
    Funder: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
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    Current tobacco smoking and risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and hospitalization: Evaluating the role of socio-demographic factors and comorbidities

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Slama, Natalie; Sakoda, Lori C; Prochaska, Judith J; Fogelberg, Renee; Alexeeff, Stacey E

    Prev Med. 2023 Apr 26;172:107523. Epub 2023-04-26.

    PubMed abstract

    Association of cannabis use during pregnancy with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection: a retrospective cohort study

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Ray, G Thomas; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Benowitz, Neal; Adams, Sara R; Does, Monique B; Goler, Nancy; Ansley, Deborah; Conway, Amy; Avalos, Lyndsay A

    Addiction. 2023 Feb;118(2):317-326. Epub 2022-10-12.

    PubMed abstract

    Association of the COVID-19 Pandemic With Unstable and/or Unsafe Living Situations and Intimate Partner Violence Among Pregnant Individuals

    Author(s): Avalos, Lyndsay A; Ray, G Thomas; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Adams, Sara R; Does, Monique B; Watson, Carey; Young-Wolff, Kelly C

    JAMA Netw Open. 2023 Feb 01;6(2):e230172. Epub 2023-02-01.

    PubMed abstract

    Association of Long-term Exposure to Particulate Air Pollution With Cardiovascular Events in California

    Author(s): Alexeeff, Stacey E; Deosaransingh, Kamala; Van Den Eeden, Stephen; Schwartz, Joel; Liao, Noelle S; Sidney, Stephen

    JAMA Netw Open. 2023 Feb 01;6(2):e230561. Epub 2023-02-01.

    PubMed abstract

    MiXcan: a framework for cell-type-aware transcriptome-wide association studies with an application to breast cancer

    Author(s): Song, Xiaoyu; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Sakoda, Lori C; Habel, Laurel A; Sieh, Weiva; et al.

    Nat Commun. 2023 Jan 23;14(1):377. Epub 2023-01-23.

    PubMed abstract

    Cigarette Smoking and Risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and Disease Severity Among Adults in an Integrated Health Care System in California

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Slama, Natalie; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Sakoda, Lori C; Fogelberg, Renee; Myers, Laura C; Campbell, Cynthia I; Adams, Alyce S; Prochaska, Judith J

    Nicotine Tob Res. 2023 Jan 05;25(2):211-220.

    PubMed abstract

    Urinary Phenols in Early to Mid-Pregnancy and Risk of Gestational Diabetes: A Longitudinal Study in a Multiracial Cohort

    Author(s): Zhu, Yeyi; Hedderson, Monique M; Calafat, Antonia M; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Feng, Juanran; Quesenberry, Charles P; Ferrara, Assiamira

    Diabetes. 2022 Dec 01;71(12):2539-2551.

    PubMed abstract

    The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on prenatal cannabis use by pre-conception depression and anxiety status

    Author(s): Avalos, Lyndsay A; Ray, G Thomas; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Adams, Sara R; Does, Monique; Ansley, Deborah; Tucker, Lue-Yen; Conway, Amy; Ettenger, Allison; Goler, Nancy; Young-Wolff, Kelly C

    J Affect Disord Rep. 2022 Dec;10:100432. Epub 2022-11-11.

    PubMed abstract

    Trends in Self-reported and Biochemically Verified Cocaine and Methamphetamine Use Among Pregnant Individuals in Northern California, 2011-2019

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Slama, Natalie E; Sarovar, Varada; Terplan, Mishka; Ansley, Deborah; Adams, Sara R; Alexeeff, Stacey E

    JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Dec 01;5(12):e2248055. Epub 2022-12-01.

    PubMed abstract

    Geographic Accessibility of Retail Cannabis in Northern California and Prenatal Cannabis Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Campbell, Cynthia I; Avalos, Lyndsay A; et al.

    JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Nov 01;5(11):e2244086. Epub 2022-11-01.

    PubMed abstract

    Patterns of Substance Use During Early Pregnancy and Associations With Behavioral Health Characteristics

    Author(s): Sujan, Ayesha C; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Slama, Natalie; Avalos, Lyndsay A; Adams, Sara R; Conway, Amy; Ansley, Deborah; Young-Wolff, Kelly C

    J Addict Med. 2022 Oct 18.

    PubMed abstract

    Assessment of genetic susceptibility to multiple primary cancers through whole-exome sequencing in two large multi-ancestry studies

    Author(s): Cavazos, Taylor B; Alexeeff, Stacey; Van Den Eeden, Stephen; Corley, Douglas A; Kushi, Lawrence H; Habel, Laurel A; Sakoda, Lori C; Witte, John S; et al.

    BMC Med. 2022 10 06;20(1):332. Epub 2022-10-06.

    PubMed abstract

    Disparities in the Incidence of Ectopic Pregnancy in a Large Health Care System in California, 2010-2019

    Author(s): Raine-Bennett, Tina; Fassett, Michael J; Chandra, Malini; Armstrong, Mary Anne; Xie, Fagen; Shi, Jiaxiao M; Alexeeff, Stacey; Chiu, Vicki Y; Im, Theresa M; Asiimwe, Alex; Getahun, Darios

    Perm J. 2022 Sep 14;26(3):61-68. Epub 2022-08-01.

    PubMed abstract

    Maternal autoantibody profiles as biomarkers for ASD and ASD with co-occurring intellectual disability

    Author(s): Ramirez-Celis, Alexandra; Croen, Lisa A; Yoshida, Cathleen K; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Schauer, Joseph; Yolken, Robert H; Ashwood, Paul; Van de Water, Judy

    Mol Psychiatry. 2022 Sep;27(9):3760-3767. Epub 2022-05-26.

    PubMed abstract

    Electronic cigarette use and risk of COVID-19 among young adults without a history of cigarette smoking

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Slama, Natalie E; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Prochaska, Judith J; Fogelberg, Renee; Sakoda, Lori C

    Prev Med. 2022 09;162:107151. Epub 2022-07-06.

    PubMed abstract

    Prolactin and maternal metabolism in women with a recent GDM pregnancy and links to future T2D: the SWIFT study

    Author(s): Zhang, Ziyi; Piro, Anthony L; Allalou, Amina; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Dai, Feihan F; Gunderson, Erica P; Wheeler, Michael B

    J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2022 Aug 18;107(9):2652-2665.

    PubMed abstract

    Trends in Cannabis Polysubstance Use During Early Pregnancy Among Patients in a Large Health Care System in Northern California

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Alexeeff, Stacey E; et al.

    JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Jun 01;5(6):e2215418. Epub 2022-06-01.

    PubMed abstract

    Effect of Lifestyle Coaching or Enhanced Pharmacotherapy on Blood Pressure Control Among Black Adults With Persistent Uncontrolled Hypertension: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial

    Author(s): Nguyen-Huynh, Mai N; Young, Joseph D; Ovbiagele, Bruce; Alexander, Janet G; Alexeeff, Stacey; Lee, Catherine; Blick, Noelle; Caan, Bette J; Go, Alan S; Sidney, Stephen

    JAMA Netw Open. 2022 May 02;5(5):e2212397. Epub 2022-05-02.

    PubMed abstract

    Association between residential green cover and direct healthcare costs in Northern California: An individual level analysis of 5 million persons

    Author(s): Van Den Eeden, Stephen K; H E M Browning, Matthew; Becker, Douglas A; Shan, Jun; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Thomas Ray, G; Quesenberry, Charles P; Kuo, Ming

    Environ Int. 2022 05;163:107174. Epub 2022-03-17.

    PubMed abstract

    Association of teledermatology workflows with standardising co-management of rashes by primary care physicians and dermatologists

    Author(s): Dusendang JR; Marwaha S; Alexeeff SE; Crowley E; Haiman M; Pham N; Tuerk MJ; Wudka D; Hartmann M; Herrinton LJ

    J Telemed Telecare. 2022 Apr;28(3):182-187. Epub 2020-06-26.

    PubMed abstract

    Joint associations between neighborhood walkability, greenness, and particulate air pollution on cardiovascular mortality among adults with a history of stroke or acute myocardial infarction

    Author(s): Liao NS; Van Den Eeden SK; Sidney S; Deosaransingh K; Schwartz J; Uong SP; Alexeeff SE

    Environ Epidemiol. 2022 Apr;6(2):e200. Epub 2022-02-18.

    PubMed abstract

    Cohort and Nested Case-Control Study of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients, by Medication

    Author(s): Dusendang, Jennifer R; Carlson, Ekama; Lee, David S; Marwaha, Sangeeta; Madani, Shabnam; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Webber, Allison; Goes, Nelson B; Herrinton, Lisa J

    J Am Acad Dermatol. 2022 03;86(3):598-606. Epub 2021-08-09.

    PubMed abstract

    Early Pregnancy Blood Pressure Patterns Identify Risk of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Among Racial and Ethnic Groups

    Author(s): Gunderson, Erica P; Greenberg, Mara; Nguyen-Huynh, Mai N; Tierney, Cassidy; Roberts, James M; Go, Alan S; Tao, Wei; Alexeeff, Stacey E

    Hypertension. 2022 03;79(3):599-613. Epub 2021-12-29.

    PubMed abstract

    TP53 Gain-of-Function and Non-Gain-of-Function Mutations Are Differentially Associated With Sidedness-Dependent Prognosis in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

    Author(s): Pan, Minggui; Solorzano, Aleyda V; Habel, Laurel A; et al.

    J Clin Oncol. 2022 01 10;40(2):171-179. Epub 2021-11-29.

    PubMed abstract

    Predicting adolescent alcohol and other drug problems using electronic health records data

    Author(s): Chi, Felicia W; Alexeeff, Stacey; Ahmedani, Brian; Boscarino, Joseph A; Waitzfelder, Beth; Dugan, Ryan; Frankland, Timothy; Hu, Yong; Loree, Amy; Sterling, Stacy

    J Subst Abuse Treat. 2022 Jan;132:108487. Epub 2021-05-21.

    PubMed abstract

    Ectopic Pregnancy Prevention: Further Evidence of Benefits of Prescription Contraceptives

    Author(s): Raine-Bennett, Tina; Alexeeff, Stacey; Getahun, Darios; et al.

    Contraception. 2022 01;105:19-25. Epub 2021-09-20.

    PubMed abstract

    Comanagement of Rashes by Primary Care Providers and Dermatologists: A Retrospective Study

    Author(s): Marwaha, Sangeeta; Dusendang, Jennifer R; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Crowley, Eileen; Haiman, Michael; Pham, Ngoc; Tuerk, Melanie J; Wudka, Danny; Hartmann, Michael; Herrinton, Lisa J

    Perm J. 2021 12 13;25. Epub 2021-12-13.

    PubMed abstract

    Rates of Prenatal Cannabis Use Among Pregnant Women Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Ray, G Thomas; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Adams, Sara R; Does, Monique B; Ansley, Deborah; Avalos, Lyndsay A

    JAMA. 2021 11 02;326(17):1745-1747.

    PubMed abstract

    Prospective validation of the Kaiser Permanente prostate cancer risk calculator in a contemporary, racially diverse, referral population

    Author(s): Presti, Joseph C; Alexeeff, Stacey; Horton, Brandon; Prausnitz, Stephanie; Avins, Andrew L

    Urol Oncol. 2021 11;39(11):783.e11-783.e19. Epub 2021-05-04.

    PubMed abstract

    Intensive lactation among women with recent gestational diabetes significantly alters the early postpartum circulating lipid profile: the SWIFT study

    Author(s): Zhang, Ziyi; Lai, Mi; Piro, Anthony L; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Allalou, Amina; Röst, Hannes L; Dai, Feihan F; Wheeler, Michael B; Gunderson, Erica P

    BMC Med. 2021 10 08;19(1):241. Epub 2021-10-08.

    PubMed abstract

    Impact of 2012 Prostate Cancer Screening Statement

    Author(s): Presti, Joseph; Alexeeff, Stacey; Avins, Andrew L

    J Gen Intern Med. 2021 09;36(9):2854-2855. Epub 2021-07-13.

    PubMed abstract

    Particulate Matter and Cardiovascular Risk in Adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    Author(s): Alexeeff, Stacey E; Deosaransingh, Kamala; Liao, Noelle S; Van Den Eeden, Stephen K; Schwartz, Joel; Sidney, Stephen

    Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2021 07 15;204(2):159-167.

    PubMed abstract

    Visual Outcomes After Cataract Surgery: Topical NSAID Prophylaxis Compared with Prednisolone

    Author(s): Shorstein, Neal H; Carolan, James; Liu, Liyan; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Amsden, Laura B; Herrinton, Lisa J

    J Cataract Refract Surg. 2021 Jul 01;47(7):870-877.

    PubMed abstract

    Particulate Air Pollution and Risk of Cardiovascular Events Among Adults With a History of Stroke or Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Author(s): Liao, Noelle S; Sidney, Stephen; Deosaransingh, Kamala; Van Den Eeden, Stephen K; Schwartz, Joel; Alexeeff, Stacey E

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    PubMed abstract

    Intraocular Pressure Reduction After Phacoemulsification: A Matched Cohort Study

    Author(s): Carolan, James A; Liu, Liyan; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Amsden, Laura B; Shorstein, Neal H; Herrinton, Lisa J

    Ophthalmol Glaucoma. 2021 May-Jun;4(3):277-285. Epub 2020-10-10.

    PubMed abstract

    Ten-Year Follow-up of Persons With Sun-Damaged Skin Associated With Subsequent Development of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Author(s): Madani, Shabnam; Marwaha, Sangeeta; Dusendang, Jennifer R; Alexeeff, Stacey; Pham, Ngoc; Chen, Elbert H; Han, Sandra; Herrinton, Lisa J

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    PubMed abstract

    Clustering of Social and Physical Pain Variables and Their Association With Mortality in Two Population-Based Cohorts

    Author(s): Kroenke, Candyce H; Alexeeff, Stacey; Kushi, Lawrence H; Kwan, Marilyn L; Matthews, Karen A

    Psychosom Med. 2021 04 01;83(3):228-238.

    PubMed abstract

    Comparison of dementia risk after age 50 between individuals with and without HIV infection

    Author(s): Lam, Jennifer O; Hou, Craig E; Hojilla, J Carlo; Anderson, Alexandra N; Gilsanz, Paola; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Levine-Hall, Tory; Hood, Nicole; Lee, Catherine; Satre, Derek D; Silverberg, Michael J

    AIDS. 2021 04 01;35(5):821-828.

    PubMed abstract

    Association of Cannabis Retailer Proximity and Density With Cannabis Use Among Pregnant Women in Northern California After Legalization of Cannabis for Recreational Use

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Adams, Sara R; Padon, Alisa; Silver, Lynn D; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Van Den Eeden, Stephen K; Avalos, Lyndsay A

    JAMA Netw Open. 2021 03 01;4(3):e210694. Epub 2021-03-01.

    PubMed abstract

    Cross-cancer evaluation of polygenic risk scores for 16 cancer types in two large cohorts

    Author(s): Graff, Rebecca E; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Corley, Douglas A; Kushi, Lawrence H; Van Den Eeden, Stephen K; Habel, Laurel A; Sakoda, Lori C; et al.

    Nat Commun. 2021 02 12;12(1):970. Epub 2021-02-12.

    PubMed abstract

    The relationship of smoking and unhealthy alcohol use to the HIV care continuum among people with HIV in an integrated health care system

    Author(s): Satre, Derek D; Sterling, Stacy A; Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Lam, Jennifer O; Alexeeff, Stacey; Weisner, Constance; Silverberg, Michael J; et al.

    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 02 01;219:108481. Epub 2021-01-08.

    PubMed abstract

    Long-Term PM2.5 Exposure and Risks of Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke Events: Review and Meta-Analysis

    Author(s): Alexeeff, Stacey E; Liao, Noelle S; Liu, Xi; Van Den Eeden, Stephen K; Sidney, Stephen

    J Am Heart Assoc. 2021 01 05;10(1):e016890. Epub 2020-12-31.

    PubMed abstract

    Maternal immune response and air pollution exposure during pregnancy: insights from the Early Markers for Autism (EMA) study

    Author(s): Volk, Heather E; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Croen, Lisa A; et al.

    J Neurodev Disord. 2020 12 16;12(1):42. Epub 2020-12-16.

    PubMed abstract

    Health System-Based Unhealthy Alcohol Use Screening and Treatment Comparing Demographically-Matched Participants With and Without HIV

    Author(s): Silverberg, Michael J; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Lam, Jennifer O; Weisner, Constance M; Sterling, Stacy A; Satre, Derek D; et al.

    Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2020 12;44(12):2545-2554. Epub 2020-11-10.

    PubMed abstract

    Validation Study of Kaiser Permanente Bedside Dysphagia Screening Tool in Acute Stroke Patients

    Author(s): Finnegan, Barbara Schumacher; Meighan, Melissa M; Warren, Noelani C; Hatfield, Meghan K; Alexeeff, Stacey; Lipiz, Jorge; Nguyen-Huynh, Mai

    Perm J. 2020 12;24:1.

    PubMed abstract

    Development and Validation of Machine Learning Models: Electronic Health Record Data To Predict Visual Acuity After Cataract Surgery

    Author(s): Alexeeff, Stacey E; Uong, Stephen; Liu, Liyan; Shorstein, Neal H; Carolan, James; Amsden, Laura B; Herrinton, Lisa J

    Perm J. 2020 12;25:1.

    PubMed abstract

    Identifying Ectopic Pregnancy in a Large Integrated Health Care Delivery System: Algorithm Validation

    Author(s): Getahun, Darios; Alexeeff, Stacey; Raine-Bennett, Tina; et al.

    JMIR Med Inform. 2020 Nov 30;8(11):e18559. Epub 2020-11-30.

    PubMed abstract

    Standardized reporting and management of suspicious findings on chest computed tomography is associated with improved lung cancer diagnosis in an observational study

    Author(s): Urbania TH; Dusendang JR; Herrinton LJ; Alexeeff S; Corley DA; Ely S; Patel A; Osinski T; Sakoda LC

    Chest. 2020 11;158(5):2211-2220. Epub 2020-06-17.

    PubMed abstract

    Prospective development of a prostate cancer risk calculator in a racially diverse population: The Kaiser Permanente Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator

    Author(s): Presti J; Alexeeff S; Horton B; Prausnitz S; Avins AL

    Urol Oncol. 2020 11;38(11):847.e1-847.e8. Epub 2020-06-12.

    PubMed abstract

    Changing Provider PSA Screening Behavior Using Best Practice Advisories: Interventional Study in a Multispecialty Group Practice

    Author(s): Presti, Joseph; Alexeeff, Stacey; Horton, Brandon; Prausnitz, Stephanie; Avins, Andrew L

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    PubMed abstract

    Presentation of Rash in a Community-Based Health System

    Author(s): Dusendang, Jennifer R; Marwaha, Sangeeta; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Herrinton, Lisa J

    Perm J. 2020 11;24:1-4.

    PubMed abstract

    Identification of 31 loci for mammographic density phenotypes and their associations with breast cancer risk

    Author(s): Sieh, Weiva; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Sakoda, Lori C; Risch, Neil; Habel, Laurel A; et al.

    Nat Commun. 2020 10 09;11(1):5116. Epub 2020-10-09.

    PubMed abstract

    Feasibility of Measuring Preferences for Chemotherapy Among Early-Stage Breast Cancer Survivors Using a Direct Rank Ordering Multicriteria Decision Analysis Versus a Time Trade-Off

    Author(s): Panattoni L; Phelps CE; Lieu TA; Alexeeff S; O'Neill S; Mandelblatt JS; Ramsey SD

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    PubMed abstract

    Association of Low Muscle Mass and Low Muscle Radiodensity With Morbidity and Mortality for Colon Cancer Surgery

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    PubMed abstract

    Pan-cancer study detects genetic risk variants and shared genetic basis in two large cohorts

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    PubMed abstract

    Trends and correlates of self-reported alcohol and nicotine use among women before and during pregnancy, 2009-2017

    Author(s): Young-Wolff, Kelly C; Sarovar, Varada; Alexeeff, Stacey E; Adams, Sara R; Tucker, Lue-Yen; Conway, Amy; Ansley, Deborah; Goler, Nancy; Armstrong, Mary Anne; Weisner, Constance

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    PubMed abstract

    Increased Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Individuals With a History of Serrated Polyps

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    PubMed abstract

    Smoking and cessation treatment among persons with and without HIV in a U.S. integrated health system

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    PubMed abstract

    Comparison of Overall and Comorbidity-Free Life Expectancy Between Insured Adults With and Without HIV Infection, 2000-2016

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    PubMed abstract

    Alcohol and tobacco use in relation to mammographic density in 23,456 women

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    PubMed abstract

    Initial Glycemic Control and Care Among Younger Adults Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes

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    PubMed abstract

    Association of Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma With Cannabis Use During Pregnancy

    Author(s): Young-Wolff KC; Sarovar V; Tucker LY; Goler NC; Alexeeff SE; Ridout KK; Avalos LA

    JAMA Netw Open. 2020 02 05;3(2):e1921333. Epub 2020-02-05.

    PubMed abstract

    Body Composition, Adherence to Anthracycline and Taxane-Based Chemotherapy, and Survival After Nonmetastatic Breast Cancer

    Author(s): Cespedes Feliciano EM; Chen WY; Lee V; Albers KB; Prado CM; Alexeeff S; Xiao J; Shachar SS; Caan BJ

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    PubMed abstract

    Outcomes of Robotic Hysterectomy for Treatment of Benign Conditions: Influence of Patient Complexity

    Author(s): Herrinton LJ; Raine-Bennett T; Liu L; Alexeeff SE; Ramos W; Suh-Burgmann B

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    PubMed abstract

    Changes in Prostate Cancer Presentation Following the 2012 USPSTF Screening Statement: Observational Study in a Multispecialty Group Practice

    Author(s): Presti J; Alexeeff S; Horton B; Prausnitz S; Avins AL

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    PubMed abstract

    Validity of Self-reported Cannabis Use Among Pregnant Females in Northern California

    Author(s): Young-Wolff KC; Sarovar V; Tucker LY; Goler N; Conway A; Weisner C; Armstrong MA; Alexeeff S

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    PubMed abstract

    Comparative Effectiveness Study of Face-to-Face and Teledermatology Workflows for Diagnosing Skin Cancer

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    PubMed abstract

    Use of electronic health record data and machine learning to identify candidates for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: a modelling study

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    Adipose Tissue Distribution and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Breast Cancer Survivors

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