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Jennifer Ames, MS, PhD


Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
2000 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 891-3892 (phone)

Jennifer Ames, PhD, is a Staff Scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research.  She researches the etiology of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, with a focus on environmental and genetic risk factors. 

Prior to coming to the DOR, Dr. Ames completed her doctoral training in epidemiology at the University of California Berkeley. Her dissertation work examined the effects of dioxin exposures on neurodevelopment and gene-environment interactions on birthweight.  She also holds a masters of science in environmental health from the Boston University School of Public Health and a bachelor's in history and science from Harvard University.

Current Position(s):

  • Staff Scientist, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Section Affiliations:

Primary Research Interests:

  • Epidemiology of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Environmental exposures and gene/environment interactions

    Understanding Barriers to Reproductive Health Care among Women with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    This project will examine both reproductive health disparities and OB/GYN health care gaps for 2300 adolescent and adult women with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) receiving care at Kaiser Permanente Northern California, paying particular attention to differences across sociodemographic characteristics, co-occurring psychiatric and physical health conditions, and type and frequency of other interactions with the health care system. We will also characterize the epidemiology of pregnancy and obstetrics care utilization including frequency of recommended prenatal visits, screenings, and perinatal complications among women with ASD compared with a control sample of neurotypical women. Our findings will inform development of strategies for improving provider knowledge, care practices, and effective health care delivery for this vulnerable population.
    Investigator: Ames, Jennifer
    Funder: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

    Interactions of Environmental Chemical Mixtures, Genetics, and Immune Pathways in Autism Spectrum Disorder

    The goal of this K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award is to receive mentored training in polygenic GWAS tools and complex mixtures modeling to position my career toward understanding the roles of GxE interactions and immune disruption in the etiology of autism spectrum disorder(ASD). This research will examine the interplay of cumulative exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), immune markers (cytokines/chemokines), and ASD; examine genetic (maternal and fetal) influences on mid-pregnancy circulating levels of EDCs; and combine K99 methodologic training in polygenic and complex mixtures tools to a study of GxE interactions in ASD. The K99 research will use data from the Early Markers for Autism study (EMA) with possible extension to the NIH ECHO or KPRB Birth Cohort studies during the R00 phase.
    Investigator: Ames, Jennifer
    Funder: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

    Barriers to Obstetric/Gynecological Health Care for Women with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    This study will identify the sociodemographic and health factors associated with low utilization of obstetrics/gynecology services among adult women with autism spectrum disorders and explore whether these women are at higher risk of adverse maternal and birth outcomes than women who do not have autism spectrum disorder.
    Investigator: Ames, Jennifer
    Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs
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