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Kathryn K. Erickson-Ridout, MD, PhD

Kathryn  Erickson-Ridout, MD, PhD

Kathryn Erickson-Ridout, MD PhD is a physician researcher with The Permanente Medical Group Delivery Science and Applied Research Physician Researcher Program, Adjunct Investigator with the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, and staff psychiatrist with The Permanente Medical Group. She leads adult and family medicine service integration, depression quality in adult and family medicine, and is the champion for adverse childhood experiences, resilience, trauma-informed care, and social determinants of health at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa. She is also Director of Research for the Kaiser Permanente Family Medicine Residency in San Jose.

Her research interests include risk and resilience factors for psychiatric disorders,  collaborative and measurement-based care, population management, implementation science, risk-prediction models, and investigating new markers and therapies for psychiatric disorders.

Current Position(s):

Section Affiliations:

Primary Research Interests:

  • Measurement-based care
  • Collaborative care models
  • Implementation science
  • Population Management
  • Biomarkers of risk and resilience
  • Adverse childhood experiences and resilience
  • Novel therapies for mental health disorders
  • Personalized Medicine


Strategies to Tailor Existing Interventions for Depression During Pregnancy

The goal of this study is to develop a predictive model for antidepressant response and adherence in women experiencing depression during or in the year after pregnancy, and to bridge the implementation gap by identifying barriers and facilitators to model implementation in the health care system.

Investigator: Erickson-Ridout, Kathryn

Funder: TPMG Physician Researcher Program

Computational Strategies to Tailor Existing Interventions for First Major Depressive Episodes to Inform and Test Personalized Interventions

The goal of this study is to develop a model examining clinical, genetic, and demographic factor relations to depression course/outcomes and treatment response, using Kaiser Permanente Northern California data and the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank to develop and apply predictive computational algorithms to inform and test interventions; prepare the model for clinical implementation using a human factors framework and stakeholder input; and translate probability thresholds into treatment recommendations.

Investigator: Erickson-Ridout, Kathryn

Funder: National Institute of Mental Health


Racial and ethnic differences in perinatal depression and anxiety

Authors: Sujan, Ayesha C;Nance, Nerissa;Quesenberry, Charles;Ridout, Kathryn;Bhalala, Mibhali;Avalos, Lyndsay A

J Affect Disord. 2023 Aug 01;334:297-301. Epub 2023-05-06.

PubMed abstract

Associations between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Prenatal Mental Health and Substance Use

Authors: Foti, Tara R;Watson, Carey;Adams, Sara R;Rios, Normelena;Staunton, Mary;Wei, Julia;Sterling, Stacy A;Ridout, Kathryn K;Young-Wolff, Kelly C

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Jul 04;20(13). Epub 2023-07-04.

PubMed abstract

Overall and Telehealth Addiction Treatment Utilization by Age, Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status in California After COVID-19 Policy Changes

Authors: Palzes, Vanessa A;Chi, Felicia W;Metz, Verena E;Sterling, Stacy;Asyyed, Asma;Ridout, Kathryn K;Campbell, Cynthia I

JAMA Health Forum. 2023 May 05;4(5):e231018. Epub 2023-05-05.

PubMed abstract

Considerations for the Writing of Certification Letters Endorsing Use of Emotional Support Animals

Authors: Binder, Renee L; Gandhi, Tanuja; Menon, Meera; Audu, Alexandra; Nesbit, Ariana; Ridout, Kathryn K; Campbell, Jorien; Garayalde, Stephanie; Dike, Charles C

Psychiatr Serv. 2023 Mar 29:appips20220487.

PubMed abstract

Associations between antidepressant use patterns during pregnancy and birth outcomes among periconception antidepressant users

Authors: Nance, Nerissa; Badon, Sylvia E; Ridout, Kathryn; Ahern, Jennifer; Li, De-Kun; Quesenberry, Charles; Avalos, Lyndsay A

Pharmacotherapy. 2023 Mar 05.

PubMed abstract

Evaluating Implementation and Outcomes of the Achieving Depression and Anxiety Patient-Centered Treatment Collaborative Care Program in a Large, Integrated Health Care System: A Mixed Methods Observational Study Protocol

Authors: Ridout, Kathryn K; Ridout, Samuel J; Alavi, Mubarika; Koshy, Maria T; Harris, Brooke; Awsare, Sameer; Fazzolari, Lisa; Weisner, Constance M; Iturralde, Esti

Perm J. 2022 Dec 19;26(4):39-48. Epub 2022-11-10.

PubMed abstract

Promising Practices for Implementing Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience Screening in Obstetric Care

Authors: Watson, Carey; Kathryn, Ridout K; Nancy, Goler; Kelly, Young-Wolff C

J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2022 10;31(10):1377-1379. Epub 2022-09-15.

PubMed abstract

Association Between Prenatal Cannabis Use and Psychotropic Medication Use in Pregnant Patients With Depression and Anxiety

Authors: Hirschtritt, Matthew E; Avalos, Lyndsay A; Sarovar, Varada; Ridout, Kathryn K; Goler, Nancy C; Ansley, Deborah R; Satre, Derek D; Young-Wolff, Kelly C

J Addict Med. 2022 Jul-Aug 01;16(4):e269-e273. Epub 2022-01-22.

PubMed abstract

Relationships Between Telomere Length, Plasma Glucagon-like Peptide 1, and Insulin in Early-Life Stress-Exposed Nonhuman Primates

Authors: Ridout, Kathryn K; Coplan, Jeremy; et al.

Biol Psychiatry Glob Open Sci. 2022 Jan;2(1):54-60. Epub 2021-08-03.

PubMed abstract

Adult Suicide-Related emergency department encounters during the COVID-19 Pandemic: a Cross-Sectional study

Authors: Ridout, Kathryn K; Alavi, Mubarika; Ridout, Samuel J; Koshy, Maria T; Awsare, Sameer; Harris, Brooke; Vinson, David R; Weisner, Constance M; Sterling, Stacy; Iturralde, Esti

Lancet Reg Health Am. 2021 Dec;4:100078. Epub 2021-09-21.

PubMed abstract

Adult Suicide-Related emergency department encounters during the COVID-19 Pandemic a Cross-Sectional study

Authors: Ridout, Kathryn K; Alavi, Mubarika; Ridout, Samuel J; Koshy, Maria T; Awsare, Sameer; Harris, Brooke; Vinson, David R; Weisner, Constance M; Sterling, Stacy; Iturralde, Esti

Lancet Reg Health Am. 2021 Dec;4:100078. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

Comparison of eating disorder characteristics and depression comorbidity in adolescent males and females: An observational study

Authors: Ridout, Samuel J; Ridout, Kathryn K; Kole, Jonathan; Fitzgerald, Kelly L; Donaldson, Abigail A; Alverson, Brian

Psychiatry Res. 2021 02;296:113650. Epub 2020-12-15.

PubMed abstract

Chapter 26 – Telomeres and Early-Life Stress

Authors: Mayer, Stefanie; Conklin, Quinn; Ridout, Samuel J; Ridout, Kathryn K

In: Fink G, editor. Stress: Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics (Handbook of Stress Series, Volume 4). Cambridge (MA): Academic Press; 2021.

Molecular markers of neuroendocrine function and mitochondrial biogenesis associated with early life stress

Authors: Ridout KK; Coe JL; Parade SH; Marsit CJ; Kao HT; Porton B; Carpenter LL; Price LH; Tyrka AR

Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2020 06;116:104632. Epub 2020-02-20.

PubMed abstract

A Novel Experiential Quality Improvement Training Program During Residency Improves Quality Improvement Confidence and Knowledge: a Prospective Cohort Study

Authors: Ridout SJ; Ridout KK; Theyel B; Shea LM; Weinstock L; Uebelacker LA; Epstein-Lubow G

Acad Psychiatry. 2020 Jun;44(3):267-271. Epub 2020-01-21.

PubMed abstract

Associations of maternal diet and placenta leptin methylation

Authors: Daniels TE; Sadovnikoff AI; Ridout KK; Lesseur C; Marsit CJ; Tyrka AR

Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2020 04 05;505:110739. Epub 2020-01-29.

PubMed abstract

Pharmacist Medication Management of Adults with Attention Deficit: An Alternative Clinical Structure

Authors: Huang R; Ridout SJ; Harris B; Ridout KK; Raja K

Perm J. 2020;24. Epub 2020-03-18.

PubMed abstract

Physician-Training Stress and Accelerated Cellular Aging

Authors: Ridout KK; Ridout SJ; Guille C; Mata DA; Akil H; Sen S

Biol Psychiatry. 2019 11 01;86(9):725-730. Epub 2019-05-09.

PubMed abstract

Reduction in the Creatine Kinase Forward Reaction Rate as a Potential Trait Biomarker of Bipolar Disorder: Implications for Mitochondrial and Energy Metabolism Models

Authors: Ridout KK

Biol Psychiatry. 2018 12 01;84(11):e77-e79.

PubMed abstract

Adverse Childhood Experiences Run Deep: Toxic Early Life Stress, Telomeres, and Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number, the Biological Markers of Cumulative Stress

Authors: Ridout KK; Khan M; Ridout SJ

Bioessays. 2018 09;40(9):e1800077. Epub 2018-08-01.

PubMed abstract

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