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Nancy P. Gordon, ScD

Kaiser Permanente Researcher Profiles

Nancy  Gordon, ScD

Nancy Gordon, ScD, has been a research scientist and program evaluation consultant in the Health Care Effectiveness group at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research since 1985. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara; and a doctor of science in applied behavioral sciences from the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Gordon’s experience includes being director of the triennial Kaiser Permanente Northern California Adult Member Health Survey and serving as an evaluation consultant/director for many patient education/health promotion and innovative primary care health services sponsored by the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program. She has also frequently served as a consultant for the evaluation of programs aimed at improving knowledge and practices of clinical staff.

Current Positions

  • Research Scientist II, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
  • Consultant, Kaiser Permanente Care Management Institute, Center for Population Health

Section Affiliations

Primary Research Interests

  • Disparities in health behaviors, psychosocial health risks, social determinants of health, and health status related to age, gender, race/ethnicity, and education
  • Trends in and demographic characteristics associated with adult use of and interest in using eHealth technologies and patient portals
  • Health behaviors and health/functional status of older adults
  • Member and physician surveys
  • Evaluation of health services and health education programs, with special focus on who uses them, how effective they are, and whether they are more effective for some types of people than others

Related Websites


Do health and health care indicators differ by preferred language in Latinx and Chinese Adults? A health and health care disparities study.

Limited English proficiency may be an important social determinant of health and health care access. This study will use electronic health record data to describe and compare health risks, chronic health conditions, quality metrics, and health care use by language preference for 2 cohorts of adults aged 25-84 who were KPNC members during calendar year 2019: Latino adults with Spanish vs. English spoken language preference and Chinese adults with Chinese dialect vs. English spoken language preference. Study results will improve understanding of whether and how limited English proficiency contributes to disparities in health and health care utilization in these 2 ethnic groups in a health care delivery system that has made extensive efforts to mitigate language barriers to care delivery.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: KP National Office of Community Health

Women’s Multi-Ethnic Health and Lifestyle Survey

We propose to survey White, Black, Latina, Filipina, Chinese, South Asian, Vietnamese, and Japanese women aged 35-79 to characterize and compare these racial/ethnic groups on behaviors and risks related to 7 lifestyle medicine domains (diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management, tobacco avoidance, limited alcohol use, positive social connections) and 1 mental health domain (feelings of depression and anxiety). We will also collect data about potential facilitators and barriers to having a healthy lifestyle, including socioeconomic factors (education, income), social risks (financial strain, psychosocial stressors, experienced discrimination/harassment, social support), familiarity with and interest in plant-based diets, and beliefs about the extent to which different lifestyle practices can improve health and longevity. Survey data will be linked with EHR data to describe subgroups of women who already have prediabetes and selected chronic conditions.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

Building an Evidence Case for Capturing Educational Attainment in the EHR as a Social Determinant of Health

Educational attainment is an important social determinant of health, but it is not included in the electronic health records of a majority of adults. When the information is available, it is frequently not captured in a way that makes it easy to use in large data-only studies. This study will build evidence for the value of including educational attainment as a discrete categorical variable in electronic health records by examining the association of educational attainment with prevalence of chronic health conditions, obesity and smoking, quality metrics, and use of health care services and the patient portal among Medicaid enrollees aged 25-64 and a cohort of Medicare-aged (65-89 years) adults. The study will also examine differences by education across and within race/ethnic groups and within age groups, adjusted for sex and race/ethnicity. Lastly, we will evaluate different cut-points for educational attainment to make recommendations on ways to dichotomize education as a risk predictor.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

Use of Digital Information Technologies and Health Information Resources by Limited English Proficient Latino and Chinese Adult Members

goal of this research is to learn about use of digital information
technologies (DIT) and the website and patient portal, preferred
modalities for receiving health information and advice, and social
determinants of DIT use and health information preferences by members by
limited English proficient (LEP) Spanish and Chinese patients. Study data
will be collected using anonymous self-administered questionnaires
distributed and collected by line staff in dedicated La Salud and Chinese
modules in several Kaiser Permanente Northern California medical facilities.
We will also compare use of the patient portal during a 12-month period prior
to the survey by LEP Spanish and Chinese speakers who receive care in
dedicated bilingual modules vs. at-large modules to evaluate generalizability
of survey results.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Garfield Memorial Fund

Healthy Eating as a Means for Active Living in Heart Failure (HEAL-HF) Study

There is an unmet clinical need to better understand the impact of lifestyle choices with respect to diet and nutrition in high-risk heart failure patients who have been recently hospitalized. We will conduct a survey-based project using a combination of questionnaires to assess 4 clinically relevant domains: food access and security, dietary composition and quality, nutritional awareness and understanding, and attitudes toward nutrition-related research. The survey itself will take no more than 15 to 30 minutes to complete and will be administered via telephone to 1,000 consecutive patients recently hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of heart failure who are responsible for their own meal planning. In addition to the survey elements, outcomes of interest will include subsequent heart failure hospitalization, all-cause hospitalization, and mortality occurring within 30 days. These outcomes will be passively collected via Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect electronic health records.

Investigator: Go, Alan; Ambrosy, Andrew; Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

Similarities and Differences in Health Indicators and Health Care Use Among Asian Ethnic Groups

​This study will examine whether significant differences across Asian ethnic groups in prevalence of chronic diseases, behavioral/psychosocial risk factors, preventive service use, and patient portal use are masked when statistics are reported for “Asians.” It will utilize electronic health records and clinical/administrative data for a cohort of adults aged 20 to 89 who were Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC) members throughout 2016 to compare six Asian ethnic groups (Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, South Asian, and Southeast Asian) on prevalence of chronic health conditions, obesity, and smoking status; Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) quality indicators of chronic disease management and cancer screening; and patient portal use during 2016. Pooled data weighted from the 2011, 2014/2015, and 2017 KPNC Member Health Surveys will also be used to compare the Asian ethnic groups on sociodemographic characteristics, health status, health behaviors, and information technology (IT) use. Asian ethnic groups will also be compared with non-Hispanic whites, blacks, and Latinos.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

Does Information about Members’ Social Determinants of Health Improve Prediction of Risk for Hospitalization, Emergency Department Visits, and Outpatient Utilization?

The new Kaiser Permanente Your Current Life Situation (YCLS) screening questionnaire will be mailed to a random sample of 7,000 adult members of Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC), oversampling patients at low to medium risk for hospitalization. After receiving responses, YCLS data will be linked with existing variables known to be predictors of utilization, including age, sex, COPS2 (COmorbidity Point Score, version 2), abLAPS (abbreviated Laboratory-based Acute Physiology Score), other composite indices currently available in KPNC electronic databases, and U.S. census-derived socioeconomic status data. The linked data will be analyzed to determine the extent to which the YCLS data improves prediction of hospitalization, emergency department use, and total outpatient utilization, and, if improvement in prediction is found after incorporating YCLS data, which specific items from the YCLS have the greatest impact. Responses to the YCLS survey, weighted to the adult membership, will also be used to estimate prevalence of KPNC adult members’ social and economic needs.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy; Escobar, Gabriel

Funder: Kaiser Permanente Program Offices

Does Combining Asians Into One Group Mask Important Ethnic Group Differences in Health and Health Care Use?

This study will examine whether significant differences across Asian ethnic groups in prevalence of chronic diseases, behavioral and psychosocial risk factors, preventive service use, and patient-portal use are masked when statistics are reported for Asians. We will use a very large cohort of adults aged 20 to 90 who were members of Kaiser Permanente Northern California for two or more years as of December 2016 to compare six Asian ethnic groups (Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, South Asian, and Southeast Asian). Electronic health record and clinical and administrative data linked to the cohort will be used to compare prevalence of chronic conditions, HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) performance on chronic disease management and cancer screening, frequency of smoking, frequency of obesity and exercise, and patient-portal use. Pooled data from the 2011 and 2014-15 Member Health Surveys will be used to compare Asian ethnic groups on sociodemographic characteristics, health status, and health behavior and psychosocial risks. Asian ethnic groups will also be compared with non-Hispanic white, black, and Latino adults.

Investigator: Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

Barriers to Health Care in a Latino Population with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This study will identify barriers to the use of recommended assessment, diagnostic, and treatment services among Latino children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. The study population will comprise Kaiser Permanente Northern California Latino members, and comparisons will be made between commercially insured versus federally insured (Medicaid) patients, and English versus Spanish speakers.

Investigator: Croen, Lisa; Gordon, Nancy

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs


Advance Directives for Patients With Breast Cancer: Applying the Right Info/Right Care/Right Patient/Right Time Oncology Model

Authors: Ossowski, Stephanie;Linehan, Elizabeth;Ravelo, Arliene;Liu, Raymond;et al.

Perm J. 2023 Sep 15;27(3):30-36. Epub 2023-06-16.

PubMed abstract

Social Risks, Social Needs, and Attitudes Toward Social Health Screening 1 Year Into the COVID-19 Pandemic: Survey of Adults in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System

Authors: Gordon, Nancy P;Shanks, Carmen Byker;Grant, Richard W

Perm J. 2023 Jun 15;27(2):61-74. Epub 2023-04-17.

PubMed abstract

Differences in proximal humerus and wrist fracture incidence among US Asian subgroups

Authors: Lo, Joan C;Lee, David R;Chandra, Malini;Zeltser, David W;Chu, Clarence E;Gordon, Nancy P;Darbinian, Jeanne A;Lee, Catherine

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2023 May 24.

PubMed abstract

Cannabis use for medical reasons among patients in a large California health care system after legalization of non-medical use

Authors: Karmali, Ruchir;Does, Monique B;Gordon, Nancy;Sterling, Stacy A;Young-Wolff, Kelly;Sidney, Stephen;Campbell, Cynthia I

J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2023 Apr 20.

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Authors: Sakoda, Lori C; Alabaster, Amy; Sumner, Eric T; Gordon, Nancy P; Quesenberry, Charles P; Velotta, Jeffrey B

Chest. 2023 Mar 17.

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Sex- and ethnic-specific patterns in the incidence of hip fracture among older US Asian and non-Hispanic White adults

Authors: Lo, Joan C; Chandra, Malini; Lee, David R; Darbinian, Jeanne A; Gordon, Nancy P; Zeltser, David W; Grimsrud, Christopher D; Lee, Catherine

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2023 Feb 15.

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Fostering a High-Functioning Team in Cancer Care Using the 4R Oncology Model: Assessment in a Large Health System and a Blueprint for Other Institutions

Authors: Liu, Raymond; Gordon, Nancy; Sakoda, Lori C; Trosman, Julia R; et al.

JCO Oncol Pract. 2023 Jan;19(1):e125-e137. Epub 2022-09-30.

PubMed abstract

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Among Middle-Aged and Older Adult Vietnamese American Members of a Northern California Health Plan

Authors: Haysbert, Donna B; Lo, Joan C; Ramalingam, Nirmala D; Gordon, Nancy P

Public Health Rep. 2023 Jan-Feb;138(1):123-130. Epub 2022-02-20.

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Prevalence of sleep-related problems and risks in a community-dwelling older adult population: a cross-sectional survey-based study

Authors: Gordon, Nancy P; Yao, Jimmy H; Brickner, Leslea A; Lo, Joan C

BMC Public Health. 2022 Nov 08;22(1):2045. Epub 2022-11-08.

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Prevalence of prediabetes and diabetes vary by ethnicity among U.S. Asian adults at healthy weight, overweight, and obesity ranges: an electronic health record study

Authors: Vicks, William S; Lo, Joan C; Guo, Lynn; Rana, Jamal S; Zhang, Sherry; Ramalingam, Nirmala D; Gordon, Nancy P

BMC Public Health. 2022 Oct 22;22(1):1954. Epub 2022-10-22.

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Reach, acceptability, and perceived success of a telehealth diabetes prevention program among racially and ethnically diverse patients with gestational diabetes: the GEM cluster-randomized trial

Authors: Brown, Susan D; Hedderson, Monique M; Gordon, Nancy; Albright, Cheryl L; Tsai, Ai-Lin; Quesenberry, Charles P; Ferrara, Assiamira

Transl Behav Med. 2022 Jul 18;12(7):793-799.

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Prospective evaluation of social risks, physical function, and cognitive function in prediction of non-elective rehospitalization and post-discharge mortality

Authors: Clancy, Heather A; Zhu, Zheng; Gordon, Nancy P; Kipnis, Patricia; Liu, Vincent X; Escobar, Gabriel J

BMC Health Serv Res. 2022 Apr 29;22(1):574. Epub 2022-04-29.

PubMed abstract

Differences in Health Characteristics of Geographic Subgroups of Arab Americans in a Northern California Health Plan

Authors: Abuelezam, Nadia N; El-Sayed, Abdulrahman M; Galea, Sandro; Gordon, Nancy P

J Racial Ethn Health Disparities. 2022 Apr;9(2):399-405. Epub 2021-01-27.

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Differential Cardiometabolic Risk Factor Clustering Across U.S. Asian Ethnic Groups

Authors: Kizzee, Olivia P; Lo, Joan C; Ramalingam, Nirmala D; Rana, Jamal S; Gordon, Nancy P

Am J Prev Med. 2022 02;62(2):e129-e131. Epub 2021-10-07.

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Oral Health Care: A Missing Pillar of Total Health Care?

Authors: Gordon, Nancy P; Mosen, David M; Banegas, Matthew P

Perm J. 2021 12 03;25. Epub 2021-12-03.

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Racial/ethnic, gender, and age group differences in cardiometabolic risks among adults in a Northern California health plan: a cross-sectional study

Authors: Gordon, Nancy P; Hsueh, Loretta

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Understanding differences within ethnic group designation: comparing risk factors and health indicators between Iranian and Arab Americans in Northern California

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The Risks of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Diabetes Vary by Ethnic Subgroup Among Young Asian Women

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Health Risks and Chronic Health Conditions among Arab American and White Adults in Northern California

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Understanding the Uptake of Digital Technologies for Health-Related Purposes in Frail Older Adults

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Racial-ethnic differences in prevalence of social determinants of health and social risks among middle-aged and older adults in a Northern California health plan

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Aggregation of Asian-American subgroups masks meaningful differences in health and health risks among Asian ethnicities: an electronic health record based cohort study

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Association of Social and Behavioral Risk Factors With Earlier Onset of Adult Hypertension and Diabetes

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Digital Information Technology Use and Patient Preferences for Internet-Based Health Education Modalities: Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Middle-Aged and Older Adults With Chronic Health Conditions

Authors: Gordon NP; Crouch E

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Prevalence and Factors Influencing Use of Internet and Electronic Health Resources by Middle-Aged and Older Adults in a US Health Plan Population: Cross-Sectional Survey Study

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Sexual Orientation Disparities in Physical Activity: Results From Insured Adults in California

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Sociodemographic Determinants of Health and Well-Being Among Adults Residing in the Combined Kaiser Permanente Regions

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Understanding functional and social risk characteristics of frail older adults: a cross-sectional survey study

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Older adults’ readiness to engage with eHealth patient education and self-care resources: a cross-sectional survey

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Racial-Ethnic Differences in Fall Prevalence among Older Women: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study

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The Digital Divide and Patient Portals: Internet Access Explained Differences in Patient Portal Use for Secure Messaging by Age, Race, and Income

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Obesity Severity, Dietary Behaviors, and Lifestyle Risks Vary by Race/Ethnicity and Age in a Northern California Cohort of Children with Obesity

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Differences in Access to and Preferences for Using Patient Portals and Other eHealth Technologies Based on Race, Ethnicity, and Age: A Database and Survey Study of Seniors in a Large Health Plan

Authors: Gordon NP; Hornbrook MC

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The Kaiser Permanente Northern California Adult Member Health Survey

Authors: Gordon N; Lin T

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Patient-initiated e-mails to providers: associations with out-of-pocket visit costs, and impact on care-seeking and health

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Factors associated with use and non-use of the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) kit for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Response to a 2012 outreach screening program: a survey study

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Accuracy of parent-reported information for estimating prevalence of overweight and obesity in a race-ethnically diverse pediatric clinic population aged 3 to 12

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A pragmatic cluster randomized clinical trial of diabetes prevention strategies for women with gestational diabetes: design and rationale of the Gestational Diabetes’ Effects on Moms (GEM) study

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Ethnic disparities in accessing treatment for depression and substance use disorders in an integrated health plan

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Differences in reproductive risk factors for breast cancer in middle-aged women in Marin County, California and a sociodemographically similar area of Northern California

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