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Vincent Liu, MD, MS


Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
2000 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 891-5933 (phone)
Kaiser Permanente Researcher Profiles

Vincent Liu, MD, MS, is a research scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research. His work focuses on the intersection of sepsis, acute severe illness, informatics, and health care delivery with a goal of building towards a learning hospital system.

Dr. Liu is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, and Clinical Informatics. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his medical degree from New York University. He completed his residency training at New York University Hospitals (Bellevue) and a chief residency at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He also completed a pulmonary and critical care medicine fellowship and has master’s degrees in Health Services Research and Biomedical Informatics, both from Stanford University.

In addition to his clinical practice and research, Dr. Liu is also the Regional Director of Hospital Advanced Analytics in Kaiser Permanente Northern California.

Current Position(s):

  • Research Scientist I, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
  • Intensivist, Critical Care, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Santa Clara, California
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Affiliated), Stanford University, Stanford, California
  • Regional Director, Hospital Advanced Analytics, Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Section Affiliations:

Primary Research Interests:

  • Critical Care and Inpatient Health Services Research
  • Sepsis
  • Data Science
  • Delivery and Implementation Science
  • Electronic Decision Support
  • Health Informatics

    Data-Driven Precision Medicine in Sepsis

    Sepsis is a common and costly disease which contributes to nearly 1 in 2 hospital deaths in our healthcare system. While aggressive early treatment with quantitative resuscitation has demonstrated benefit, many other interventions have not demonstrated efficacy likely resulting from an incomplete understanding of sepsis disease mechanisms. This study seeks to address three questions through innovative approaches to using observational data: (1) what factors can improve our characterization and phenotyping of sepsis patients; (2) what are the potential benefits of using quantitative resuscitation in less severe sepsis subgroups; and (3) how does acute organ dysfunction impact long-term mortality and utilization among sepsis survivors
    Investigator: Liu, Vincent
    Funder: National Institute of General Medical Sciences
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    Prediction of Recurrent Clostridium Difficile Infection Using Comprehensive Electronic Medical Records in an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

    Author(s): Escobar GJ; Baker JM; Kipnis P; Greene JD; Mast TC; Gupta SB; Cossrow N; Mehta V; Liu V; Dubberke ER
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    Individual and health system variation in rehospitalizations the year after pneumonia

    Author(s): Viglianti EM; Prescott HC; Liu V; Escobar GJ; Iwashyna TJ
    PubMed abstract

    Innovation and Technology: Electronic Intensive Care Unit Diaries

    Author(s): Scruth EA; Oveisi N; Liu V
    PubMed abstract

    Identifying Distinct Subgroups of ICU Patients: A Machine Learning Approach

    Author(s): Vranas KC; Jopling JK; Sweeney TE; Ramsey MC; Milstein AS; Slatore CG; Escobar GJ; Liu VX
    PubMed abstract

    Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program Implementation in 2 Surgical Populations in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System

    Author(s): Liu VX; Rosas E; Hwang J; Cain E; Foss-Durant A; Clopp M; Huang M; Lee DC; Mustille A; Kipnis P; Parodi S
    PubMed abstract

    Reply to the Timing of Early Antibiotics and Hospital Mortality in Sepsis - Playing Devil's Advocate

    Author(s): Liu V; Fielding-Singh V; Iwashyna TJ; Bhattacharya J; Escobar G
    PubMed abstract

    The Timing of Early Antibiotics and Hospital Mortality in Sepsis

    Author(s): Liu VX; Fielding-Singh V; Greene JD; Baker JM; Iwashyna TJ; Bhattacharya J; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Hospital Readmissions in Sepsis Survivors: Are They Preventable?

    Author(s): Goodwin AJ; Liu V; Ford DW
    PubMed abstract

    Validation of Administrative Definitions of Invasive Mechanical Ventilation across 30 Intensive Care Units

    Author(s): Kerlin MP; Weissman GE; Wonneberger KA; Kent S; Madden V; Liu VX; Halpern SD
    PubMed abstract

    Evaluation Following Staggered Implementation of the "Rethinking Critical Care" ICU Care Bundle in a Multicenter Community Setting

    Author(s): Liu V; Herbert D; Foss-Durant A; Marelich GP; Patel A; Whippy A; Turk BJ; Ragins AI; Kipnis P; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Data that drive: Closing the loop in the learning hospital system

    Author(s): Liu VX; Morehouse JW; Baker JM; Greene JD; Kipnis P; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Piloting electronic medical record-based early detection of inpatient deterioration in community hospitals

    Author(s): Escobar GJ; Turk BJ; Ragins A; Ha J; Hoberman B; LeVine SM; Ballesca MA; Liu V; Kipnis P
    PubMed abstract

    Variation in the Contents of Sepsis Bundles and Quality Measures: A Systematic Review

    Author(s): Kramer RD; Cooke CR; Liu V; Miller RR; Iwashyna TJ
    PubMed abstract

    Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome with and without Dexmedetomidine

    Author(s): Beg M; Fisher S; Siu D; Rajan S; Troxell L; Liu VX
    PubMed abstract

    Can You Read Me Now? Unlocking Narrative Data with Natural Language Processing

    Author(s): Sjoding MW; Liu VX
    PubMed abstract

    Loud and Clear: Sensory Impairment, Delirium, and Functional Recovery in Critical Illness

    Author(s): LaHue SC; Liu VX
    PubMed abstract

    16 Years and Counting? Time to Implement Noninvasive Screening for ARDS

    Author(s): Rogers AJ; Liu VX
    PubMed abstract

    Predicting red blood cell transfusion in hospitalized patients: role of hemoglobin level, comorbidities, and illness severity

    Author(s): Roubinian NH; Murphy EL; Swain BE; Gardner MN; Liu V; Escobar GJ; NHLBI Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study-III (REDS-III); Northern California Kaiser Permanente DOR Systems Research Initiative
    PubMed abstract

    In-hospital mortality following treatment with red blood cell transfusion or inotropic therapy during early goal-directed therapy for septic shock: a retrospective propensity-adjusted analysis

    Author(s): Mark DG; Morehouse JW; Hung YY; Kene MV; Elms AR; Liu V; Ballard DW; Vinson DR
    PubMed abstract

    Hospital Deaths in Patients With Sepsis From 2 Independent Cohorts

    Author(s): Liu V; Escobar GJ; Greene JD; Soule J; Whippy A; Angus DC; Iwashyna TJ
    PubMed abstract

    Towards Smarter Lumping and Smarter Splitting: Rethinking Strategies for Sepsis and ARDS Clinical Trial Design

    Author(s): Prescott HC; Calfee CS; Thompson BT; Angus DC; Liu VX
    PubMed abstract

    Developing a framework for implementing intensive care unit diaries: a focused review of the literature

    Author(s): Beg M; Scruth E; Liu V
    PubMed abstract

    Data breaches of protected health information in the United States

    Author(s): Liu V; Musen MA; Chou T
    PubMed abstract

    Consensus Statement on Electronic Health Predictive Analytics: A Guiding Framework to Address Challenges

    Author(s): Amarasingham R; Audet AM; Bates DW; Glenn Cohen I; Entwistle M; Escobar GJ; Liu V; Etheredge L; Lo B; Ohno-Machado L; Ram S; Saria S; Schilling LM; Shahi A; Stewart WF; Steyerberg EW; Xie B
    PubMed abstract

    Keeping Score of Severity Scores: Taking the Next Step

    Author(s): Liu V
    PubMed abstract

    Developing a New Definition and Assessing New Clinical Criteria for Septic Shock: For the Third International Consensus Definitions for Sepsis and Septic Shock (Sepsis-3)

    Author(s): Shankar-Hari M; Phillips GS; Levy ML; Seymour CW; Liu VX; Deutschman CS; Angus DC; Rubenfeld GD; Singer M; Sepsis Definitions Task Force
    PubMed abstract

    Assessment of Clinical Criteria for Sepsis: For the Third International Consensus Definitions for Sepsis and Septic Shock (Sepsis-3)

    Author(s): Seymour CW; Liu VX; Iwashyna TJ; Brunkhorst FM; Rea TD; Scherag A; Rubenfeld G; Kahn JM; Shankar-Hari M; Singer M; Deutschman CS; Escobar GJ; Angus DC
    PubMed abstract

    Multicenter Implementation of a Treatment Bundle for Sepsis Patients with Intermediate Lactate Values

    Author(s): Liu VX; Morehouse JW; Marelich GP; Soule J; Russell T; Skeath M; Adams C; Escobar GJ; Whippy A
    PubMed abstract

    Decreasing sepsis mortality at Kaiser Permanente Northern California

    Author(s): Liu V; Whippy A; Morehouse JW
    PubMed abstract

    The Accuracy of an Electronic Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index Auto-Populated from the Electronic Health Record: Setting the stage for computerized clinical decision support

    Author(s): Vinson DR; Morley JE; Huang J; Liu V; Anderson ML; Drenten CE; Radecki RP; Nishijima DK; Reed ME
    PubMed abstract

    Impact of Relative Contraindications to Home Management in Emergency Department Patients with Low-Risk Pulmonary Embolism

    Author(s): Vinson DR; Drenten CE; Huang J; Morley JE; Anderson ML; Reed ME; Nishijima DK; Liu V; Kaiser Permanente Clinical Research on Emergency Services and Treatment (CREST) Network
    PubMed abstract

    Trends in red blood cell transfusion and 30-day mortality among hospitalized patients

    Author(s): Roubinian NH; Escobar GJ; Liu V; Swain BE; Gardner MN; Kipnis P; Triulzi DJ; Gottschall JL; Wu Y; Carson JL; Kleinman SH; Murphy EL; NHLBI Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study (REDS-III)
    PubMed abstract

    Decreased Red Blood Cell Use and Mortality in Hospitalized Patients

    Author(s): Roubinian NH; Escobar GJ; Liu V; Gardner MN; Carson JL; Kleinman SH; Murphy EL; NHLBI Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study (REDS-III)
    PubMed abstract

    Hospital readmission and healthcare utilization following sepsis in community settings

    Author(s): Liu V; Lei X; Prescott HC; Kipnis P; Iwashyna TJ; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Increased one-year health care utilization in survivors of severe sepsis

    Author(s): Prescott HC; Langa KM; Liu V; Escobar GJ; Iwashyna TJ
    PubMed abstract

    Only Time Will Tell. Data-driven Approaches to Phenotyping Critical Illness

    Author(s): Liu V
    PubMed abstract

    Accuracy of hospital standardized mortality rates: effects of model calibration

    Author(s): Kipnis P; Liu V; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Fluid Volume, Lactate Values, and Mortality in Sepsis Patients with Intermediate Lactate Values

    Author(s): Liu V; Morehouse JW; Soule J; Whippy A; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Automated identification of pneumonia in chest radiograph reports in critically ill patients

    Author(s): Liu V; Clark MP; Mendoza M; Saket R; Gardner MN; Turk BJ; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Visitation policies and practices in United States intensive care units

    Author(s): Liu V; Read JL; Scruth E; Cheng E
    PubMed abstract

    An electronic simplified acute physiology score-based risk adjustment score for critical illness in an integrated healthcare system*

    Author(s): Liu V; Turk BJ; Ragins AI; Kipnis P; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Risk factors for unplanned transfer to intensive care within 24 hours of admission from the emergency department in an integrated healthcare system

    Author(s): Delgado MK; Liu V; Pines JM; Kipnis P; Gardner MN; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    The association between sepsis and potential medical injury among hospitalized patients

    Author(s): Liu V; Turk BJ; Rizk NW; Kipnis P; Escobar GJ
    PubMed abstract

    Potential for overuse of corticosteroids and vasopressin in septic shock

    Author(s): Hsu JL; Liu V; Patterson AJ; Martin GS; Nicolls MR; Russell JA
    PubMed abstract