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Beyond Body Mass Index: Bringing Body Composition into Oncology Practice

This project consists of development of electronic tools to rapidly assess body composition in colorectal cancer and breast cancer patients and present this information to clinicians. It leverages Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s electronic medical records and repository of CT images, including 6,000 images from colorectal cancer and breast cancer patients that were previously manually analyzed for body composition. This project has three major aims: validate software to automatically assess body composition from clinically-acquired imaging (Aim 1); improve the predictive performance of established colorectal cancer risk prediction models through the addition of body composition variables (Aim 2); and develop a prototype of an electronic decision support tool that presents personalized patient risk information to clinicians in an understandable and actionable format (Aim 3).

Investigator: Feliciano, Elizabeth

Funder: National Cancer Institute

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