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Comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction to Inform Personalized Screening

The aims of this study are: 1) To build a comprehensive risk-prediction model for colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma in 45,000 colorectal tumors and 45,000 controls based on existing common and rare genome-wide genetic variants, demographic characteristics, and lifestyle and environmental risk factors. 2) To evaluate the risk-prediction models by calibrating and validating the models in the community-based RPGEH cohort and compare it with current screening guidelines and published risk prediction models. 3) To translate abstract risk prediction estimates into individually tailored recommendations that can be used in public health and clinical settings. We will use our developed absolute risk estimates to recommend age to start intervention and the type of screening modality. We will also incorporate a cost-benefit in the decision curve analysis to help clinical decision making.

Investigator: Corley, Douglas

Funder: National Cancer Institute

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