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Drug Benefit Design and Adherence Disparities in Older Adults

Our prior study examined the impact of one aspect of Medicare Part D, the removal of limits on the number of reimbursable prescriptions per month (drug caps) on racial differences in chronic disease treatment among dual Medicare and Medicaid enrollees with complex medical conditions. Among dual enrollees with diabetes and common comorbidities, white-black treatment gaps that were present at baseline (e.g., lipid lowering therapy, antidepressants) persisted among patients 65 and older) and worsened among women and those 65 and younger. The primary objective of this study is to enhance our understanding of persistent disparities in treatment adherence and the equity effects of changes in drug coverage in order to reduce disparities in treatment adherence among older adults with complex medical conditions.

Investigator: Adams, Alyce

Funder: National Institute on Aging

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