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Implementation of large-scale HPV self-testing for cervical cancer screening

The goal of this project is to determine the best strategy for integrating a home-testing option for cervical cancer screening. The most sensitive screening test for cervical cancer and precancer is a PCR-based test for human papilloma virus (HPV), which was adopted in June 2020 as the primary screening method for women aged 25-64.  Several large clinical trials have demonstrated the samples self-collected by patients for HPV testing are as accurate as samples collected by clinicians.  The project aims to assess the acceptability and overall effectiveness of HPV self-testing using a prospective pragmatic cluster-randomized design. The study results will inform which patients are most likely to benefit from a home-testing strategy and factors that influence uptake and completion of screening.

Investigator: Suh-Burgmann, Betty

Funder: The Permanente Medical Group

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