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Methods for Safety Evaluation of Vaccination Schedules

In this project, we will develop, evaluate and illustrate a wide variety of new epidemiological methods for studying the safety of childhood vaccination schedules, with respect to a wide variety of different features and components of the vaccine schedule. These include the timing of individual vaccines; the timing between doses of the same vaccine; the interaction effect between vaccines and concurrent health conditions or pharmaceutical medications; the interaction effects of different vaccines given on the same day; the ordering of different vaccines; and the effect of cumulative summary metrics such as the total number of vaccines or the total amount of some vaccine ingredient. Study designs for the comparative evaluation of one or more complete schedules are also covered. Methods will be developed for both for adverse events with an early onset, which are the easiest to study, and for adverse events with a late onset, including serious chronic conditions.

Investigator: Fireman, Bruce

Funder: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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