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MINERVA Biomarkers Substudy

We will conduct assays of a selected panel of cardiac, metabolic, and cancer biomarkers in 3,000 blood samples collected by the MINERVA (MultIethNic Study of BrEast ARterial Calcium Gradation and CardioVAscular Disease) Study and stored at the Kaiser Biobank. The biomarker data will be merged with the study datasets to perform association analyses with risk factors and outcomes. The proposed biomarker panel incudes Cystatin C, apolipoprotein A1, apolipoprotein B, Lp(a), BNP, Gamma prime fibrinogen, SuPAR, Galectin-3, hs-troponin, and a cancer biomarker panel.

Investigator: Iribarren, Carlos

Funder: Abbott Laboratories

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