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Multi-Component Behavioral Intervention for Complex Patients with CVD Risk

Disease management programs have had success in CVD risk factor control among uncomplicated patients but often fall short in more complex patients. New approaches are needed to address the multiple barriers faced by CVD patients with complex medical and behavioral comorbidity. We propose to develop and implement a multi-component intervention that includes patient activation, patient engagement, broad brush screening for undiagnosed behavioral health conditions, and creation of personal care plans tailored to each individuals unique set of barriers, motivators, and clinical goals. By focusing on core health skills and cross-cutting barriers to care in high risk patients not meeting clinical treatment goals, we are designing this intervention to be widely generalizable to all patients with multiple complex chronic conditions. We will conduct a randomized clinical trial of the intervention vs. usual care to examine effectiveness on proximal outcomes and CVD risk factor control.

Investigator: Grant, Richard

Funder: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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