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Pharmacogenomics of Statin Therapy

This study will recruit statin users with: 1) a major acute coronary event (n=150), 2) new onset type 2 diabetes (n=150), 3) statin-induced myopathy (n=150), and controls free of all 3 conditions (n=300). We will then conduct genetic, transcriptomic, proteomic and/or metabolic profiling studies to identify biomarkers of statin response and side effects. We will use prescription fills and ICD-9 codes to identify statin users who are current Kaiser members that meet one of the three conditions described above. For each condition, a frequency-matched control group will be formed. Recruited individuals will complete a self-reported survey and provide a blood sample from which an aliquot will be used to generate a lymphoblastoid cell line. A separate aliquot will be used to store frozen viable cells for the future creation of ips cells, and plasma and DNA will be stored.

Investigator: Iribarren, Carlos

Funder: National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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