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Preconception and Prenatal Health Impacting Factors and Child Health

The study will recruit a diverse cohort of 1,800 pregnant individuals, the conceiving partner, their resulting child, and will follow all of them at multiple visits after the child is born to contribute to the Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Program. We will examine the role of in utero exposure to psychological distress and substance use on child growth, adiposity, obesity, and neurodevelopment (ND) and the extent to which prenatal lifestyle factors and neighborhood factors may mitigate these associations. We will clarify the joint effects of maternal prenatal dietary patterns and the 24-hour movement and child growth, obesity, and ND and whether metabolomic signatures prenatally, at birth, and postnatally mediate these associations. There will also be a preconception pilot study to explore the role of maternal and paternal lifestyle factors on infant health to identify critical time periods to intervene on to prevent upstream risk factors for childhood obesity and ND.

Investigator: Hedderson, Monique; Zhu, Yeyi; Avalos, Lyndsay

Funder: National Institutes of Health

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