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Promoting Equity of Cancer Screening and Follow-up for Lung Cancer

This research will elucidate factors that contribute to lung cancer disparities between rural and urban areas and provide contextual information for future interventions and policies. Our specific aims are to: characterize the delivery of evidence-based interventions for lung cancer prevention and early detection, comparing rural to urban areas, by assessing differences in use of smoking cessation interventions and lung cancer screening at multiple levels of influences; identify potentially modifiable care gaps across the lung cancer screening continuum, including risk assessment and timely treatment, by examining patients who died of lung cancer relative to patients who are alive by rural-urban status; and evaluate similarities and differences in the barriers and promoters to delivery of evidence-based intervention across the lung cancer screening continuum (smoking cessation, shared decision-making, screening, and treatment) in the rural and urban contexts.

Investigator: Sakoda, Lori

Funder: National Cancer Institute

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