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Skeletal Health Outcomes among US Asian Women

The burden of osteoporosis has increased as the US population over age 65 years has increased. Ethnic diversity in the U.S. has also increased. This is the first large scale US study of fracture outcomes among Asians and ethnic subgroups that will inform ethnic-specific osteoporosis counseling and fracture prevention care. Among older women receiving care in an integrated healthcare system, we aim to compare differences in the incidence of hip, vertebral, and major osteoporotic fracture, between white and Asian women, including comparison between various Asian ethnicities; characterize the association between femoral neck BMD and hip, vertebral, humerus, and wrist fracture in Asian women and between ethnic subgroups; and examine the predictive accuracy of Fracture Risk Tools for Asian women and ethnic subgroups and to determine whether inclusion of Asian-specific fracture data improves fracture risk prediction for Asians.

Investigator: Lo, Joan

Funder: National Institute on Aging

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