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Tailoring care to meet the needs of younger Latinx adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes

We will evaluate a culturally responsive community health worker (CHW) intervention targeting younger-onset Latinx individuals with a new type 2 diabetes (T2D) diagnosis (AURORA [Active Outreach to Younger Latinx]). The AURORA strategy centers on a CHW who will proactively conduct three telemedicine visits tailored to with the following five goals: 1) T2D self-management education, 2) assessment of individual’s self-management support needs, 3) motivational interviewing to support behavior change, 4) pragmatic skills training, including use of crucial technologies to support self-management, and 5) matching member’s needs with existing KPNC T2D resources.

Investigator: Gopalan, Anjali

Funder: Garfield Memorial Fund

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