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Neurocognitive Impairment and Dementia in People With and Without HIV

People with HIV are at increased risk for dementia due to the combined effects of HIV-associated inflammation and traditional (non-HIV) risk factors such as chronic drug use and cerebrovascular disease. With the widespread use of antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV infection, severe forms of HIV-associated dementia are now uncommon, but milder forms of neurocognitive impairment remain a persistent concern, potentially affecting up to 50% of people living with HIV. In preparation for future investigations on cognitive dysfunction in people aging with HIV, we are conducting a study to establish baseline knowledge on: 1) The prevalence of neurocognitive impairment and dementia, and 2) Risk factors for neurocognitive disorders among Kaiser Permanente Northern California patients with HIV compared to patients without HIV.
Investigator: Lam, Jennifer
Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs