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Pandemic mental health, diabetes, early puberty highlighted in 2021 research podcasts

KP Research Radio podcasts offer a chance to hear investigators explain their work


Investigators at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research (DOR) study a wide variety of research topics, and that’s reflected in the range of subjects highlighted by KP Research Radio podcasts in 2021 — from reducing colorectal cancer deaths to gender and sexuality in autism. DOR podcasts offer a chance to hear researchers discuss the what — and why — of their work in their own words.

Shining a light on type 2 diabetes

To mark National Diabetes Month, Anjali Gopalan, MD, MS, a DOR research scientist and physician with The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG), talks about her research on ways to improve communication with — and provide medical information to — people with prediabetes or early-onset type 2 diabetes. Listen here >

Raising awareness about early puberty

In this episode, Ai Kubo, PhD, MPH, a cancer epidemiologist and research scientist at DOR, explains why girls are starting puberty earlier than they have in the past. Listen here >


Filling research gaps about gender, sexuality in autism

Autistic teens and adults may have unique needs around gender, sexuality, and reproductive health, but there isn’t much research explaining those needs. This episode features 2 investigators with the Division of Research Autism Research Program explaining their work to fill in the research gaps: Lisa Croen, PhD, and Maria Massolo, PhD. Listen here >

Reducing deaths from colorectal cancer

To mark Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, KP Research Radio spoke with Jeffrey K. Lee, MD, MAS, a DOR research scientist and TPMG gastroenterologist, about colorectal cancer research and prevention. Listen here >


Mental health visits in the pandemic

There were more patient visits for mental health concerns early in the pandemic, Kaiser Permanente research found. Researchers Kathryn Erickson-Ridout, MD, PhD, and Esti Iturralde, PhD, discuss the trends and how telehealth can be helpful for many patients and clinicians. Listen here >

Improving care for people with heart failure

Cardiovascular research scientists Alan Go, MD, and Andrew Ambrosy, MD, discuss how Kaiser Permanente research is improving care for people with heart failure — a condition that affects about 6.2 million adults in the U.S. today. Listen here >


Go to the KP Research Radio page to hear previous audio stories on topics such as at-home dialysis, DOR’s COVID-19 research, the coming “tsunami” of heart failure patients, and much more.

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