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Research Careers

Bring your talents to Kaiser Permanente and see your visionary ideas make a difference in the lives of others. This page provides information about careers and fellowships at the Division of Research.

Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s Division of Research offers numerous opportunities for a career in research. Visit our Delivery Science Fellows Program page for a complete list of those opportunities and details on eligibility guidelines and application deadlines.

Featured Full-time Research Opportunities in the Division of Research:
Associate Director for Behavioral Health, Aging, and Infectious Diseases
This associate director position calls for expertise in evaluating clinical and patient-centered care and outcomes in behavioral health, aging, or infectious diseases. DOR associate directors spend approximately 20% of their effort on leadership activities with their section faculty and for the department, and the remainder of their effort on their own research. The successful candidate is expected to maintain their own externally funded research portfolio, collaborate with physicians and program leaders within Kaiser Permanente, work with other DOR researchers on content and methodologic issues, and develop national and international collaborations to advance research related to behavioral and mental health, aging, genetics, and infectious diseases.

Research Scientist Position - Cancer Care Delivery Research
This investigator, with a research focus in delivery science related to cancer care, will be expected to develop an independently funded research program and conduct scholarly research that is recognized nationally and internationally.

Research Scientist Position - Cardiovascular and Metabolic Conditions
This investigator should have a focus in any of the following target areas: cardiovascular disease, aging/geriatrics, pharmacoepidemiology, clinical effectiveness/safety, health economics or mental health.

Research Scientist Position - Vaccine Study Center
This Research Scientist position calls for expertise in human vaccine immunology, vaccine implementation science, including monitoring and evaluation, vaccine safety, clinical trials and related legal, regulatory and ethical issues.