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Pathways: A Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship - For Researchers

Welcome! If you are interested in working with Pathways Study data, please contact us at We can discuss your interests and whether the Pathways Study is an appropriate setting for your research questions. If so, we will provide you with access to our shared website which houses our study questionnaires and data dictionaries. To propose a project, we will ask you to complete a data request form and provide a description of your project including background and aims. The Pathways Study Steering Committee reviews requests on a monthly basis.

For additional information about the Pathways Study cohort and data availability, please click here. At this link, we provide basic information about the cohort, data domains available from questionnaires, and principal breast cancer outcomes that have occurred in the cohort. In addition to the questionnaire data, the Pathways Study has data available from KP clinical data systems, geospatial data to characterize neighborhoods, and select assays of biospecimens. Our biospecimens include blood, extracted DNA, and surgical specimens. Data from germline genome-wide assays have been deposited in dbGaP. Please contact us as indicated above for further information.

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