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RPGEH: Fast facts

Goal is database with 500,000 participants

  • 430,000 have completed a health survey
  • 170,000 gave saliva samples
  • Future participants will be asked for blood samples, rather than saliva, so researchers may also collect data found in blood — not saliva — about biomarkers and environmental exposures
  • 90,000 DNA samples extracted
    • average participant’s age is 65
  • 55,000 DNA samples genotyped
    • 675,000 SNPs will be examined, giving snapshots of important portions of the 3 billion bits of information in each person’s DNA. The SNPs will be examined for variations that may be associated with diseases/disorders or other health-related factors.

New Kaiser Permanente biobank based in Berkeley, Calif.

  • For storage of DNA, blood, and saliva samples
  • Planned capacity to include freezer and room temperature storage
    • Freezer: 5 million 1.4 ml samples
    • Room Temp: 3 million 0.75 ml samples
  • Opening planned for September 2011

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